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Public Bidding Process

All Invitations for Bid (IFB)/Request for Proposal (RFP) are available for public viewing in the Purchasing Department.  The Purchasing Department is interested in the maximum amount of competition.  Specific IFB/RFP's may be requested by telephone or in writing by prospective bidders at any time prior to the bid opening.  Bids/Proposals must be received in the Purchasing Department prior to the specified time and date.  There are NO exceptions to this rule. Bids/Proposals received after the time will be returned unopened.  Timely receipt of bids/proposals is the sole responsibility of the vendor, therefore, it is in the vendor's best interest to take into account the possibility of unforeseen delays when submitting bids.  Bids/Proposals are available online for viewing at Bid 4 Michigan, as advertised in the Lansing State Journal and additional periodicals as deemed necessary.

Bid Openings

Any interested party may attend bid openings which are held on most business days in the Purchasing Department.   The information provided at the bid openings is somewhat dependent on the type of solicitation.  In the case of bids where pricing information is contained in the solicitation response, the vendor's name and total price will be announced and recorded on a Bid Tab Sheet.  In the case of Request For Proposals, only the names of the offerors are announced.  The information read aloud at bid openings does not determine the award.

Bid Withdrawal

A bidder may withdraw an inadvertently erroneous bid with written approval from the Director prior to the bid opening.  Repeated withdrawal of bids before the bid deadline is an abuse of the purchasing process and may be grounds for debarment.  Subsequent to bid opening, if a bidder has been determined the lowest responsive and responsible bidder and would be recommended for award, the College may take whatever action is in the College's best interest regarding bid withdrawal.

Requests for return of a bid after the due date will not be honored since the material becomes College property and is, therefore, not returnable.  The College will return unused samples and/or exhibits at the vendor's request and expense.

No Bid Response

A vendor declining to submit a bid should return the signature page of the IFB/RFP by the due date and time with a notation "No Bid".  A vendor's failure to bid or to return the signature page with required notation may cause the vendor to be removed from future consideration for the requested good or service.  Vendors who are receiving bids that they are not interested in should submit a request in writing to be removed from future consideration for the requested good or service.

Source Selection

The Purchasing Department is responsible for the selection of reputable and reliable vendors.  Bids are posted online at Bid 4 Michigan to increase access to college purchases.

Bid Evaluation

Every bid includes criteria for determining which vendor offers the lowest cost and meets the vendor qualifications, delivery time, specifications, terms and conditions contained in the solicitation.  When a solicitation requires an oral presentation, submission of test samples, or inspection of facilities or place of business, these factors are part of the bid evaluation.  The total cost may include unit price, delivery, installation, maintenance and cost of operation, as defined in the solicitation.  In case of a discrepancy between a unit price and its extension, the unit price will prevail.

The Purchasing Department does not consider the following in evaluating bids:

  • Assistance in developing specifications or other advisory services a vendor provides.  Although such assistance is valuable and appreciated, there can be no preferential treatment for these services.
  • Equipment a vendor installs on a free trial basis.
  • Reciprocity or Quid Pro Quo, there is no understanding or agreement that a vendor will be awarded a contract or purchase order based upon their financial contribution to the College.


Award of a purchase order/contract is based on the best value to the College.  As stated in the solicitation various criteria are used in determining the best value including price, quality, availability, delivery and fitness for the particular purpose.  Consideration is also given to the vendor's potential ability to successfully perform under the terms and conditions and the vendor's past performance record.

The College reserves the right to award by item, group of items, or total bid.  The College further reserves the right to reject any and all bids if it is determined by the director/coordinator, at his/her discretion, that the best interests of the College will be served by doing so.  The College may reject all bids for a solicitation and not make an award, and may choose to cancel a solicitation or conduct a "rebid".  In determining an award, the qualifications of the vendor, conformity with terms, conditions specifications of supplies or services, cost and delivery terms will be considered.  The College will not award to a person or firm that is currently debarred.  Buyers will check the Excluded Parties List System.

For competitive purchases, the Purchasing Department notifies vendors of award status in writing.  Vendors may contact the Purchasing Department to request status in writing.   Vendors may contact the Purchasing Department to request status of a bid or check the Bids/Proposals Awarded on the Purchasing Department website.

Tie Bids

If the lowest and most responsible and responsive bids received are for the same amount or unit price and all the criteria mentioned above in AWARD are equal, and one of which is a local vendor, then the award shall be to the local vendor.  If both vendors are local, then date and time of bid submission will be used.

Vendor Debriefings

The Purchasing Department encourages vendors who have not been successful in competing for a bid to arrange a debriefing session with the buyer.  A debriefing is not an appeal hearing. During a debriefing session, the buyer will provide information as to where the submission contained deficiencies and comment on the areas of strength, as well as describe the reasoning behind the award.  In many cases, the bid response may well have addressed the requirements of the bid, but the vendor was unsuccessful because of pricing.

A debriefing can serve as an extremely valuable learning experience for those inexperienced in the College's purchasing process, or for first-time bidders.  The ability to find out what was right and wrong with a bid response will be beneficial to the vendor and the College on future bids. It is also an opportunity for reviewing the winning bid if so desired.  It is generally a good idea to review why a vendor was unsuccessful before initiating a vendor appeal of an award.

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