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How Lansing Community College Buys
Competitive Bidding/Competitive Proposals

A competitive sealed bidding process shall be used for all acquisitions that exceed $25,000 and will be advertised in the appropriate media.  IFB/RFP's will be posted online at Bid 4 Michigan.  Certain solicitations of goods or services that are of a specialized nature will be advertised in other appropriate media.

The acquisition process will permit sufficient time to prepare the solicitation, advertise, determine the qualifications of bidders, availability of plans and specifications, hold pre-bid meetings, obtain deposits of bidders, receive and open sealed bids and withdrawal of bids.

  • Communicating Requirements to the Vendor
    The Buyer will prepare the IFB/RFP communicating the customers requirements.  This may consist of product specifications, Statement of Work or construction bid documents as needed.  These requirements will be referenced, or provided in full text in the final purchasing document as appropriate. 

  • Specialized Personnel
    IFB/RFP specifications and/or Statement of Work will stipulate whether or not specialized personnel are required.  If so, training and documentation requirements will be provided, and required to be submitted prior to the initiation of work by the vendor. 

  • Quality System Requirements
    Special Quality System and Product, Process Testing and other validation requirements (ASTM, ISO, JIS, and like standards) are to be established on the purchase order or within purchasing documents prior to the initiation of work by the vendor.  The documentation required (personnel certifications et al) are to be documented for the vendor at this time. 

  • Prevailing Wage Requirement
    Work for renovation and construction bids for projects which exceed $30,000 shall be subject to prevailing wage unless otherwise prohibited by law.

When competitive sealed bids/competitive proposals are used, the College may specify that bids are for the entire project or for specified parts of the project, and it may request bids, optional alternates or additional construction.  Compliance with applicable Federal, State and local laws and regulations will be required.  The College reserves the right to reject all bids.

Maintenance agreements purchased from the manufacturer or vendor of the specific equipment to be serviced may be made with or without competitive bidding.

Sealed bids are not required for purchases under contracts established by the College, a public agency or cooperative agreements.  Purchases in case of emergency involving safety of persons, protection of property or the prompt restoration of service to minimize interruption of College activities are also exempt.

The Purchasing Director and/or Buyer(s), along with a representative from the requesting department, shall conduct negotiations as appropriate.  Written documentation shall be included in the purchase order file.

All contracts for goods and services are subject to a periodic cycle of review for quality and cost, including an assessment of the market through a formalized bid process.

Sole Source Purchases

Sole source purchases are allowable only when obtaining competitive bids is impractical or when substitutes have been ascertained to be unacceptable, and after conducting a good faith review of applicable sources.  Sole source purchases over $4,999 must include proper justification detailing why competitive bids would not be appropriate and that there is only one source for supplying the requested supply, service or construction item.  The sole source justification does not relieve Purchasing of the responsibility to obtain a fair and reasonable price.

A purchase over $5,000 may be awarded without competition upon written request and certification from a requesting official of at least the level of dean that no other responsible source is available, and when Purchasing determines in writing after conducting a good faith review of available sources, that there is only one source for the required supply, service or construction item.  Purchasing will conduct negotiations, as appropriate, as to price, delivery and terms.

Notice of intended sole source purchase shall be posted on the LCC purchasing website for three business days prior to execution.

A record of sole source purchases will be maintained as a public record and will list each vendor name, the amount, a listing of item(s) purchased, the purchase order number.  For items $10,000 and over a rationale will and be provided to the Audit Committee of the Board of Trustees on a monthly basis.

Request for Quotation

A Request For Quotation will be used for acquisitions that are greater than $5,000 and less than $25,000.  The buyer will seek a minimum of three written quotations.  Award will be made to the vendor whose quotation is most advantageous to the College, price, quality and other factors considered.

  • Buyer's may exceed requisition dollar total by ten percent (10%) without seeking approval from the requisitioner.  Purchases that exceed ten percent (10%) of requisition total must be approved by the requisitioner prior to award. 

  • Advance Payment - Advance Payment is required when a vendor will not invoice, or requires payment prior to shipping good(s) and/or providing services.

Simplified Purchases -- Purchases less than $5,000

  • A Request for Quotation will be used for acquisitions that are greater than $5,000 and less than $25,000.  The buyer will seek a minimum of three written quotations and award will be made to the Vendor whose quotation is most advantageous to the College, where price, quality and other factors are considered. 

  • For acquisitions less than $5,000 the buyer may go to the source recommended by the requester.
  • Purchasing may delegate authority through the issuance of a LCC Card.  Users of an LCC Card shall be responsible for complying with the requirements of this policy.
  • Pyramiding of purchases which would result in avoiding the requirements for competitive bidding is prohibited.

Purchasing Department at Lansing Community College

Purchasing Department
Washington Court Place, Room 214
Phone: (517) 483-1785
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