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No Charge PO for Product Evaluation or Vendor Loaned Equipment/Materials

Evaluation/loaned materials and/or equipment become no-charge transactions by which physical custody of property is granted to LCC without transfer of title or accountability.  However, LCC may be accepting the responsibility and liability for its proper use, protection and return.  Therefore, commitments for loaned articles are to be made via a "no-charge purchase order".  Buyers are responsible for assuring College protection, negotiating and documenting the instances where vendors provide the College with equipment or materials as a loan or an evaluation trial.

The requesting department will submit a Banner Requisition for $1.00 so that Purchasing can issue a Purchase Order.  The requesting department will also provide information for completion of the Product Evaluation Agreement (PURFR014).

The Buyer must negotiate mutually agreeable contractual terms and conditions of the loan/evaluation, and a no-charge purchase order must be issued with a copy provided to customer requesting loan/evaluation.

The no-charge purchase order must include specific information about the loan/evaluation, i.e. the purpose for the transaction, a purchase order number, an indemnification clause protecting College interests, identification of the equipment and its value, the location of the equipment or materials on LCC premises, and what the College is required to provide at the completion of the evaluation period.

Loan on evaluation of equipment/materials should in no manner constitute a preference for the loaned equipment/materials or imply that it will result in a purchase order.  If equipment/materials under evaluation or loan are requested to be purchased, the College's competitive purchasing policies will be followed.  The requesting department will submit a Banner Requisition for the purchase price and any supporting documentation regarding evaluation of the product, etc.

The Buyer and requesting department must assure that the items are returned at the end of the agreed upon term.  (See Product Evaluation Agreement, PURFR014). To access document use Internet Explorer

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