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Office Depot Ordering

Everything you need to know about ordering from Office Depot is below:

Account #:  30331247

Address code is 411 North Grand

Office Depot Website

Phone #:  1-888-777-4044 (Customer Service)

Phone #:  800-269-6888 (E-Commerce Support Desk)

Fax Orders - 1-888-813-7272

Your Office Depot Representative:

Jamie Tunney --
Phone #:  517-214-1991

Web Ordering Overview

For employees at LCC North and the Livingston County Center desk top delivery is now available at these locations.

For questions contact Andrew Chambliss at (517) 483-1786.

Purchasing Department at Lansing Community College

Purchasing Department
Washington Court Place, Room 214
Phone: (517) 483-1785
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