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Non-Employee Payroll Services

The following firm has been selected for Non-Employee Payroll Services. The contract runs June 30, 2014 - December 31, 2014, with two (1) one year options to extend. That means if the firm continues to meet our service requirements throughout the year their contract will continue to be enforced until December 31, 2016.

Steps to Use Temporary Staffing Services

  • Create a description of the tasks the temporary staff person is to accomplish.

  • Contact Anita Evans Morris, Human Resources Hiring Manager, ext. 1731 for hourly rates.

  • You will need to provide the job description and hourly rate to the Temporary Staffing Agency.

Steps to Process Temporary Staffing Services and Non-Employee Payroll Services:

  • Department's using Temporary Staffing Services and Non-Employee Payroll Services must have an administrator approve temporary staff's time cards weekly.

  • Each Friday or Monday department's will continue to email the temporary staffing agency the hours of the temporary staff working that week.

  • Please include the BPO #BP150022 in each email to Access Jackson.

  • Access Jackson will create the invoice and send it to Accounts Payable.

  • If the department is not included on the email with the invoice, A/P will forward the invoice to the department.

  • Department administrator signs invoice approving it for payment.

  • FOAPAL is to be written on the invoice

  • Forward invoice to for payment.

  • The Temporary Staffing Agency will pay the temporary staff person and LCC will pay the invoice from the Temporary Staffing Agency.

Please note: Insurance paperwork is available for non-LCC employees on payroll through us as well as for anyone we recruit for you (temporary staffing services).

The forms can be found at the following link:

Forms for Non-Employee Payroll Services - Log in required through MyLCC

Access Jackson Employer Services LLC -- Blanket PO# BP150022
4407 West St Joseph Hwy
Lansing MI 48917
Phone: (517)853-7913

What To Do If A Access Jackson Associate Is Injured On The Job

Purchasing Department at Lansing Community College

Purchasing Department
Washington Court Place, Room 214
Phone: (517) 483-1785
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