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What To Do If An Advance Associate Is Injured On The Job

If an Associates need Medical Attention

  • If the injury occurs during regular business hours, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, call the Advance office immediately and an Advance Representative will come to your place of business and escort the injured associate to Work Health.

  • If an injury occurs after business hours and does not require medical attention, it is appropriate to send the injured employee home if the associate is unable to work.  Please direct associate to leave a message on our voice mail and contact our office as soon as we are open for business.  (8:00 am)

If an Associate is Severely Injured and Needs Immediate Medical Attention

  • Please call Mercy Ambulance Service @ (517) 482-1245, OR, if injury is life threatening, call an ambulance immediately to transport associate to the nearest hospital.

  • Immediately notify your Advance Representative of the situation at (517) 204-0439.  If the injury occurs after business hours please call (517) 204-0439.

  • While at the hospital please be sure to convey to hospital staff that the injured associate must be drug screened before the associate can be released.

  • Be sure to inform hospital staff that the injured associate is in the employ of Advance Employment.

What to do After Situation is Under Control

  • If you have an internal injury report please fill out your accident report and fax to your Advance office at (517) 887-9944.

  • Please be assured that if an advance assiciate is injured and recieves medical attention, an advance representative will notify you of the associate's well being.

First Aid Only

  • If no medical attention is necessary, please instruct associate to notify our office of the incident as soon as possible.

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