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Vendor Guide to Doing Business with Lansing Community College

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How to do Business with LCC


The purpose of this page is to explain and promote understanding of how vendors can do business with Lansing Community College.

Lansing Community College Purchasing Department provides the means of obtaining quality goods and services in the desired amounts, at the proper times, from responsible vendors and at reasonable prices. Additionally, it is also a responsibility of the department to ensure that the policies and procedures of the college are followed to comply with Federal, State and Local guidelines.

The Purchasing Department is located in the Washington Court Place Building at 309 N. Washington Square, in Room 214. Our business hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., except during the summer when hours are 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Visitors are welcome. Please contact our office at (517) 483-1785 for appointments to speak with buyers.

We hope that you find the enclosed information useful in your endeavors to fulfill the purchasing needs of the College.

Seleana Samuel, CPPO
Director of Purchasing

Purchasing Department Mission Statement

Lansing Community College Purchasing Department is a professional service organization providing:

  • Contract Services & Commodities

  • Contract Administration

  • Acquisition Planning

  • Simplified Purchases & Purchasing Coordination

  • Decentralized Purchasing (LCC Card)

  • Purchasing Training

  • Compliance

We will earn our customers' confidence through continuous improvement driven by the professionalism, integrity, teamwork, and innovation of the Purchasing Department staff.

Purchasing Department Value Statement

Our guiding principles ensure that we focus on the things that matter to our Customers. These are synonymous with every customer driven organization:

  • Integrity is never compromised
  • Quality comes first
  • Those we serve are the focus of everything we do
  • Continuous improvement is essential to our success
  • Staff involvement is a way of life
  • We have many partners

Purchasing Department Vision Statement

We strive to provide our customers products and services which are: MORE, BETTER, FASTER, DIFFERENT

Purchasing Authority

Responsibility and authority to make commitments for purchases are assigned to the Purchasing Department. This includes all contacts with vendors regarding price, delivery, quantity requirements or other matters of a contractual nature and are to be made only by Purchasing Department staff. Lansing Community College is not obligated to pay for any purchases made otherwise.

Directions to LCC

Public Bidding Process

All current College bid invitations are available for public viewing in the Purchasing Department. Specific bid invitations may be requested by telephone or in writing by prospective bidders at any time prior to the bid opening. Bids must be received in the Purchasing Department prior to the specified time and date. There are NO exceptions to this rule.

LCC posts its bids online at Bid 4 Michigan.
LCC vendors can register at no charge.

You must first register on Bid 4 Michigan to access LCC bids and proposals.

To register and view bids and proposals on Bid 4 Michigan please go to the Vendor Information page.

If you have any problems using Bid 4 Michigan, please call the Vendor Support Department at (800) 835-4603

Source Selection

The Purchasing Department is responsible for the selection of reputable and reliable vendors. Vendors who have not previously conducted business with LCC are advised to contact our office at (517) 483-1785 and request an application and W-9 to be added to our vendor list. Applications and W-9s are also available online at:

Vendor Application

W-9 Information


Award of a purchase order/contract is based on the best value to the College. Various criteria are used in determining the best value including price, quality, availability, delivery, sustainability and energy star rating, and fitness for the particular purpose. Consideration is also given to the vendors potential ability to successfully perform under the invitation to bid terms and conditions, and the bidder's past performance record.

Commercial Card

The Lansing Community College Commercial Card (VISA) program enables campus personnel to more efficiently and effectively execute small-dollar, non-inventory, non-capital purchases. It represents a significant enhancement over a more traditional acquisition process. The implementation of the Commercial Card (LCC Card) has resulted in faster turnaround time, greater flexibility in buying, reduced paperwork and quicker supplier payments.


Mail invoices with purchase order number reference to:

PHONE NUMBER: (517) 483-1722.

Invoices received without a purchase order number will be delayed for payment until a purchase order number can be indicated.

Vendor Relations

Purchasing Department staff members are available to meet with vendors by appointment. Please contact our office at (517) 483-1785 to arrange an appointment.

Vendors are encouraged to contact our office prior to making sales calls on campus. Vendors are advised not to furnish goods or services without a valid purchase order. Unauthorized purchases will be considered personal transactions between vendor and employee.

Purchasing Department Staff

Receiving Address

Gannon Building
Room 104 - Dock #1
411 North Grand Avenue
Lansing, MI 48933

All deliveries are to be made to Dock #1 at LCC's Main Campus. Exceptions must be coordinated with Receiving supervisor. For delivery information please call (517) 483-1746

Ethical Standards of Conduct in Purchasing

The nature of public purchasing subjects all parties involved in it to close public scrutiny. This scrutiny extends to their ethics as well as to their performance. Since almost every action taken by purchasing personnel is anchored in public trust, the rules governing the conduct of public personnel are often as much concerned with appearance as with substance. We strive to ensure compliance with high ethical standards and avoid possible conflicts between public purchasing duties and private affairs by complying with the LCC Conflict of Interest Policy. The LCC Purchasing Department abides by the highest standards of excellence and integrity in all our Vendor relationships. We are committed to adhering to the CODE OF ETHICS promoted by the National Association of Educational Buyers. (NAEB)

  1. Give first consideration to the objectives and policies of my institution.

  2. Strive to obtain the maximum value for each dollar of expenditure.

  3. Decline personal gifts or gratuities.

  4. Grant all competitive vendors equal consideration insofar as state or federal statute and institutional policy permit.

  5. Conduct business with potential and current vendors in an atmosphere of good faith, devoid of intentional misrepresentation.

  6. Demand honesty in sales representation whether offered through the medium of a verbal or written statement, an advertisement, or a sample of the product.

  7. Receive consent of originator of proprietary ideas and designs before using them for competitive purchasing purposes.

  8. Make every reasonable effort to negotiate an equitable and mutually agreeable settlement of any controversy with a supplier; and/or willing to submit any major controversies to arbitration or other third party review, insofar as the established policies of my institution permit.

  9. Accord a prompt and courteous reception insofar as conditions permit to all who call on legitimate business missions.

  10. Cooperate with trade, industrial and professional associations and with governmental and private agencies for the purposes of promoting and developing sound business methods.

  11. Foster fair, ethical and legal trade practices.

  12. Counsel and cooperative with NAEB members and promote a spirit of unity and a keen interest in professional growth among them.

These principles are set forth as a foundation for achieving higher levels of professionalism and success, both as an organization and as individuals.

Environmentally Sound Purchasing

Purchasing Department at Lansing Community College

Purchasing Department
Washington Court Place, Room 214
Phone: (517) 483-1785
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