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The Cardholder is responsible to reach an agreement with a vendor when there are problems with item or service purchased.  Each Cardholder is responsible for verifying that the credit appears on the account.  If there is a problem with a purchased item or service charge resulting from the use of the LCC Card:

  1. When purchased items need to be returned for any reason, contact the vendor to confirm approval for return, confirm delivery address and preferred method of shipment, request a credit to the LCC Card account.
  2. Returns are implemented with a Work Request that includes the vendor's name, address, and a brief description of items being returned. Processing a Work Request requires setting up an account for Administrative Services FAMIS requests.
  3. From LCC's web page, choose Administrative Services Division. Choose Work Request from the left-hand side of the screen. Choose Receiving and Shipping and you are forwarded to the Log On screen. Prior to initiating Work Request, please call vendor and collect the following information that needs to be included in your Work Request - always include:
    • Reason for return
    • Campus contact name and phone number
    • If the item going to be delivered to Receiving or are you requesting Receiving to pick up the item being shipped.
    • By implementing a Work Request - Receiving is able to meet your needs more efficiently, as well as being able to plan and track their shipment needs.
  4. Nearly all returns can be managed using the above procedure. However, if agreement is not reached, a dispute should be initiated. The Dispute Form is included in this packet. The completed form is faxed to the fax number located at the top of the form and fax a copy to Beckie at (517) 483-5289.

Purchasing Department at Lansing Community College

Purchasing Department
Washington Court Place, Room 214
Phone: (517) 483-1785
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