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Allowables and Non-Allowables 




Office Supplies







Repair Services***


Cylinder Gases

Aviation Repair Parts

Freight Expenses and Postage Charges

Purchases from MSU University Stores
Computer Supplies**(w/ITS Administrator Approval) Advertising/Logo ** (w/Marketing's Approval)
Printing ** (w/College Reprographics Approval) Hosting Expenses (off campus only)
Textbooks Classroom Supporting Materials and Supplies
Tickets for Students and Gift Certificates Vehicle Rentals for Student Support
Uniform and Laundry Rental Video Purchases and Rentals
Promotional Materials (only awarded contractors) Hotels and Restaurants for LCC Sponsored Events
Trophies Registration for Student Clubs/Groups
Small Dollar Equipment Automotive Repair Parts


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Alcoholic Beverages, beer, wine, liquor

Personal Purchases of any type


ATM/Cash Advances of any Type

Furniture ** - (see Pre-Approved) **


Boat Dealers, Rentals, Marinas

Long-Term Rentals

Cellular Telephone and Telephone Services

Consulting Services

Contracts and Leases

Construction and Renovations
Contract Agreements of any type that require a signature Gasoline for Personal Vehicle
Telephone Services (unless approved in writing by Purchasing - including cellular phones) Pyramiding Purchases - several dollar purchases are made over a short period of time in lieu of combining purchases. (Avoid compliance with the competitive bid requirement of Purchasing Policy).
Automotive Repairs (Emergency Only on College Vehicles) Insurance (unless approved Budget Administrator)
Prescription Drugs and Controlled Substances (unless approved by Purchasing in writing)  Equipment - equipment with a dollar value of more than $1,000 must be approved by Divisional Budget Administrator
Firearms of any type Leases and Lease Purchases
Moving Services Reimbursement of any type
Radioactive and Hazardous Materials** (unless approved by Purchasing in writing) Donations
Time Payments of any type Internal Purchases (i.e. Phil's, Marketplace, student accounts etc.)


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** Pre-approval Required from LCC Card Administrators, or noted Administrators.  Include name of approver and date received.

*** LCC Card may be used for off-campus repair work:

  • Repair of equipment valued under $1,000 and not a fixed inventory

  • Vendor does not have to come on campus

  • Repair considered minor or low dollar amount

Purchasing Department at Lansing Community College

Purchasing Department
Washington Court Place, Room 214
Phone: (517) 483-1785
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