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The LCC Card Purchasing Program

The LCC Card Purchasing Program has been designed to provide a convenient process with which to make purchases and travel arrangements, and at the same time, reduce the costs associated with initiating and paying for those purchases.  The attached LCC Card Guidebook will provide basic steps for using the LCC Card and covers usage compliance issues, documenting transactions, and more.  LCC has selected the Chase Card for our card program.

How to get an LCC Card - To access document use Internet Explorer
LCC Card Process Flow chart
What to do if your card is declined
How to dispute charge on statement that are not yours
Dispute form -- choose read only
Where to find out your card limits
How to obtain a "One Time Increase"
LCC Card cycles
Merchant Category Codes - To access document use Internet Explorer
I lost a receipt what do I do?
I made a personal charge on my LCC Card, what do I do?
How do I return something I bought with my card?

Affidavit - To acquire a "Missing Documentation Affidavit" for card reconciliation, please contact Financial Services-Accounts Payable Department at x1722.

The LCC Card is a Master Card Credit Card

Lansing Community College's Purchasing Card is a Master Card charge card, and is for official college business purchase.  Each LCC Cardholder is responsible for all purchases made on their card and the security of the LCC Card.  The LCC Card is not linked to the Cardholder's personal credit rating.

The Cardholder is Accountable

The Cardholder is the College Employee whose name appears on the LCC Card and is accountable for all charges made on the card and the security of the LCC Card.  LCC Employees are prohibited from sharing their card information with other employees.  Failure to comply with the LCC Card Policy may result in disciplinary action up to and including termination.

Cardholders are responsible for verifying all transactions posted to the College's Concur Expense System.  This verification includes verifying accuracy and propriety of each LCC Card expense.  This check should be done regularly.  Cardholders must reconcile their LCC Cardholder expense statement within ten (10) business days through the "Concur" system or equivalent and provide receipts for all transactions.

When placing an order use this address as the billing address:

LANSING, MI 48933-1239

If You Have Questions:

  1. First contact your Supervisor if you have questions regarding LCC Card usage.  If changes are required on the LCC Card, working with Supervisor, contact Dean/ELT Member.
  2. Review the LCC Cardholder Guide.
  3. Check the LCC Card website.
  4. For questions regarding your Concur Expenses, please contact the Help Desk @ 5221 or


LCC Card Administrators

The LCC Card Program Administrator is Seleana Samuel at 1790 and Andrew Chambliss at 1786. 

  • Questions regarding procedures and guidelines after you have checked the LCC Cardholder Guide.

  • Problems encountered with card use or vendor authorization

  • Cardholder transfer, relocation, or termination

             Lost or stolen cards must be reported IMMEDIATELY.

  1. Call Chase Customer Service @ 1-800-316-6056

  2. Call Public Safety at ext 1800 to initiate a Public Safety Report

  3. Please call Andrew - 483-1786/Seleana- 483-1790.  Please provide information on the last transaction made with LCC Card.

  4. Confirm thru Concur that no inappropriate charges have been made on Lost or Stolen LCC Card.

Links to LCC Card Supporting Resources

Purchasing Department at Lansing Community College

Purchasing Department
Washington Court Place, Room 214
Phone: (517) 483-1785
Additional contact information »