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The Goal

100% of our students seeking degrees, certificates, and/or transfer will succeed.

Physics Students

Our science students enjoy working in state-of-the art labs. Check out teaching-in-action in our Biology Program here.

Student Commons

Our students enjoy studying and collaborating in our commons areas. Quiet study rooms wired for modern electronic devices complement unique activity areas that encourage inclusion, collaboration and discovery.

Lucero Students

Our students enjoy the opportunity to participate in an abundancy of student organizations and student support groups focused on the individual.

Envision This Future Picture

In the Operation 100% Future Picture, Lansing Community College is the premier community college for offering inspiring, engaging, innovative, effective teaching and learning environments. Students therefore attend LCC with passion and purpose.

  • Each student follows an affordable, achievable, well-structured, market-relevant, guided program pathway to goal completion.
  • Each student has an education plan and a target completion date.
  • Students have access to a variety of learning opportunities and scheduling options that meet their diverse needs.
  • Students receive relevant, individualized, timely support.
  • Students always know exactly where they are on their paths toward completion.

Driving Question

"How does our policy, practice, situation, assignment, expense, etc., help the college to achieve its Operation 100% future picture?"

At LCC we commit to:

  • Education that depends on Equity and Inclusive Excellence
  • Education that engages a wide audience about critical issues
  • Education that reflects the needs of the individual, local and global communities
  • Education that empowers our community to find solutions to societal inequities

As evidence of our commitment to Equity and Inclusive Excellence, LCC is actively engaged in the AAC&U's Equity and Inclusive Excellence Initiative.

100% success through 100% inclusion

We Exist for Your Success

We deliver...

  • Education that is meaningful, relevant, workforce - or transfer-driven.
  • Integrated and applied learning opportunities.
  • Programs that meet the needs of the individual student, as well as those of local and global communities.
  • A campus environment that creates a community of active learners.

Four Major Commitments

The heart of our mission is student learning; to this end, we commit to giving you the very best:

Quality Learning Experiences

Already part of our ongoing commitment to student success.

Faculty provide engaging, meaningful instruction in every course that we teach.

Guided Pathways

Launch Date, Fall 2017

Our program pathways are clear, understandable, and relevant, designed to keep students on track to complete appropriate and useful degrees, certificates, and/or transfer straightforwardly and on time.

Personalized Support

Launch Date, Fall 2017

Our wraparound support services include timely advising and coaching, customized education plans, and a guided registration system, as well as individualized student portals, that help students remain on track.

An Engaging Web Presence

Launch Date, Summer 2017

Our public website is engaging and helpful and gets users where they need to go. We keep our information up-to-date and attractively packaged, and we showcase the stories of our students and alumni.

Have Questions?

Contact Mark Tesone, Operation 100% Project Manager.
tesonm@lcc.edu 517-483-1906