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The Payroll Department is responsible for making payroll payments to faculty, staff, and student employees.  Some of the services provided by the department include:

  • Issuing all employee pay checks.
  • Providing replacement tax forms and/or payroll checks as required.
  • Managing court ordered deductions such as garnishments, tax levies, friend of the court withholding orders, and bankruptcies.
  • Issuing W-2s.
  • Processing all voluntary deductions including Tax Shelter Annuities such as 403b and 457 changes.
  • MPSERS and Optional Retirement Plan elections and deductions.
  • Wage Verifications for auto loans, mortgage companies, etc. with written authorization.
  • Process all timesheets and timesheet adjustments forms.  Help with questions on how to complete as well.
  • Setup and process all direct deposit and paycard enrollments/questions.

Employee Information

Click on the links below to access internal forms used by the Payroll Department.

  • Banner Self-Service:  Employees can enter timesheets, view tax exemptions, payroll deductions, health benefits, leave balances, W-2s, and much more.
  • Direct Deposit Authorization Form: Fill out this form, print, sign, and either mail or hand deliver to the Payroll Department at Lansing Community College. Documentation such as a voided check or printout from your financial institution confirming the routing number and account number must be included with the completed form.  The direct deposit will become active on the second (2nd) pay after receipt. Employees will continue to receive a paper check until then.
  • Global_Cash_Card_Paycard_Enrollment_Form.pdf Complete this form and return it to the Payroll office at Washington Court Place, 309 N Washington Sq, Ste 203, Lansing, MI.  A paycard will immediately be distributed to the employee at the time the form is returned to the Payroll office.  Deposits on the paycard will begin on the second (2nd) pay after the paycard is issued.  Employee will receive a paper check on the first (1st) pay.

Instruction and Information Guides

Click on the links below to access each informational guide offered by the Payroll Department.

Payroll and Tax Information

Click on the links below to access internal forms used by the Payroll Department.

Payroll Calendars

Click on the links below to view the payroll calendars.

Contact Us

Payroll Department phone:  (517) 483-1799
Payroll Department email:


Payroll and Financial Reporting at Lansing Community College

Payroll and Financial Reporting
Washington Court Pl, 2nd Floor
Phone: (517) 483-1799
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