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Online Orientation Quiz Results

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Scoring: Add 3 points for each "a" that you indicated, 2 points for each "b", and 1 point for each "c".

If you scored 11 points or more, Online Orientation is a real possibility for you. If you scored between 8 and 11, Online Orientation may work for you, but you may need to make a few adjustments to succeed. If you scored 7 or less, in person would be best. If your score was less than 5, you must not have completed the survey. Please go back and try again!

Explanations: The five questions in the questionnaire reflect some of the facts about Online Orientation:

  1. Online orientation uses multimedia to deliver orientation content, including videos, chat, sound, and documents. Having a fast internet connection will allow you to move through the content smoothly. If you do not have a computer that meets these requirements, you can take online orientation on campus in the TLC Computer Lab (room 100). Bring your own headphones, or the lab has them available for purchase. You may also choose to complete your orientation in person.
  2. Students work independently to complete online orientation. Prior familiarity with common web tools such as email, chat, word documents is advised for online orientation students.
  3. Some students prefer the independence of online learning; others find it uncomfortable. Some people learn best by interacting with others and so in person orientation would be the best option. Online Orientation is completed independently except for a brief interaction with an advisor.

Orientation Information and Registration at Lansing Community College

Student Orientation
Gannon Bldg, StarZone
Phone: (517) 483-1999
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