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Online Orientation Quiz

Answer the questions below to see if online orientation is right for you.

*Internet Explorer is the recommended browser for taking this quiz

1.  Which of the following best describes your home internet access?

  • I have a high speed (e.g. cable, DSL) internet connection.

  • I have dial up (e.g. 56K) internet connection.

  • I do not have home access to the internet.

2.  When I am asked to use new technologies, like computer programs, email, web site tools, etc.:

  • I look forward to learning new skills and am usually able to figure things out by following the instructions.

  • I feel apprehensive but try anyway. I usually need someone to help talk me through it.

  • I put it off or try to avoid it altogether.

3.  How much does the following describe you? "I can download and install programs like Adobe Reader and Flash Player on my computer. I can use online Instant Messaging programs to send text messages over the Internet or my phone. I read blogs and can post replies. I can use MS Word to write and format papers. I can save and upload files to the internet."

  • I can do all of these and more, even in my sleep.

  • I can do most of these things already. I would have to investigate some of them, but I am confident I could figure them out on my own.

  • I do not know what any of these things are and/or do not think I could figure them out on my own.

4.  Feeling that I am part of a group is:

  • Not particularly necessary to me.

  • Somewhat important to me.

  • Very important to me.

5.  I believe my primary learning style is:

  • Visual Learner (see)

  • Auditory Learner (hear)

  • Kinesthetic Learner (do)

Orientation Information and Registration at Lansing Community College

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