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LCC summer classes are completely online, in an accelerated 8-week format and easily transfer to most colleges and universities. While many schools offer online options, LCC is unmatched student support, offers lower tuition rates and classes are taught by faculty with years of online teaching experience.

Summer 2020 Semester Transfer Courses


Course Title

ACCG210 Principles of Financial Accg
ACCG211 Principles of Managerial Accg
ASTR201 Introductory Astronomy
BIOL120 Environmental Science
BIOL201 Human Anatomy
BIOL270 Human Genetics
BUSN118 Introduction to Business
CHEM125 Basic Chemistry
CHEM151 General Chemistry Lecture I
CHEM152 General Chemistry Lecture II
CHEM182 Introductory Organic Chemistry
COMM 130 Fund of Public Speaking
ECON201 Principles of Economics-Micro
ECON202 Principles of Economics-Macro
ENGL121 Composition I
ENGL122 Composition II
FREN 121 Elementary French I
GEOG200 World Regional Geography
GEOG221 Physical Geography
GRMN 121 Elementary German I
HIST211 U.S. History to 1877
HIST212 U.S. History: 1877 to Present
HUMS160 Mythology
HUMS213 World Civilizations to 1600
HUMS214 World Civilizations from 1600
JAPN 121 Elementary Japanese I
MATH120 College Algebra
MATH121 Precalculus I
MATH122 Precalculus II
MATH151 Calculus I
MATH152 Calculus II
MATH253 Calculus III
MGMT225 Principles of Mgmt/Leadership
MUSC 199 Music Appreciation
PHIL101 Introduction to Philosophy
PHIL151 Intro to Logic & Critcal Think
PHYS221 Introductory Physics I
PHYS251 Physics I with Calculus
PHYS252 Physics II with Calculus
POLS120 American Political System
POLS201 Intro to Political Science
PSYC200 Introduction to Psychology
RELG150 Intro to World Religions
SOCL120 Introduction to Sociology
SPAN 121 Elementary Spanish I
SPAN 122 Elementary Spanish II
SPAN 202 Intermediate Spanish II
STAT215 Intro to Probability and Stats

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Before you register for classes, you have a few things to do. Choose your student type below to get started.

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First-time College Student

New, first-time applicants to LCC should apply online, visit campus and meet with the admissions team in the StarZone at the Downtown Campus. Expert staff will guide you through the admissions processes and help you plan your academic journey.

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Transfer and Guest

Applicants who have taken courses or earned degrees from other colleges or universities should apply online, submit transcripts to LCC and meet with an advisor to discuss credit equivalencies.

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Active and former military members and their dependents should contact LCC’s Gold Star Status Veterans Affairs Department. Expert staff members help you navigate through complex benefits processes and help you discover college credits earned for serving our country.

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Applicants who are admitted into the U.S. in a temporary, non-resident status (any type of visa) are considered international students. Refugees, immigrants or resident aliens (green card) are not considered international students.

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High School Student

High school and home schooled students who are interested in taking LCC courses are considered dual enrolled students. Let us help you get a head start on your college journey.


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