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Banner End User Training Procedures

To assure a quality experience for every Banner Project End-User training participant, the President’s Executive Leadership Team has approved the following training procedures. The procedures, which take effect immediately, were developed by the Organizational Development (OD) Department. Your compliance is appreciated.

Trainings Will Begin On Time

  • Participants arriving 10 minutes or more after the posted start time will be asked to register for another training session. Participants who arrive late often require more individual attention to catch up, which is distracting and unfair to participants who arrive on time.

Early Registration Required

  • Register early for all trainings required for specific job roles. This ensures adequate training sessions are offered to accommodate the needs of employees. Resources are not available for one-on-one training sessions.


  • It is expected that all employees registered for training will attend. Employees unable to attend sessions for which they have enrolled must unenroll through the Learning Management System at least 24 hours before the scheduled start time. This provides OD enough time to determine if a session needs to be cancelled. Supervisors will be notified when registrants do not attend and have not unenrolled.

Cell Phones

  • Cell phones must be turned off during a training session to minimize distractions. If an employee expects an emergency or urgent call during a session, they must inform the instructor of that fact in advance of the session and turn the phone on manner mode.

No Multi-tasking

  • Answering emails and instant messages is not permitted during the training session. Employees need to give their full attention to the training.

Training Documentation

  • Employees are responsible for (1) signing in and (2) submitting all competency documentation for the session to the trainer before exiting the training. OD cannot provide access to the Banner Production system until documentation is complete. Both items are needed in order to avoid having to repeat the training.

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