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Competencies of High Performers

The core of all leadership effectiveness

1. Displaying high integrity and honesty

Ethical standards, authenticity, open, and transparent in all actions.

Personal CapabilityIntellectual, emotional, and skill makeup of a leader

2. Technical and professional expertise

Effective use of information technology; thorough understanding of what the organization produces and why it is superior to competitive products; ability to write intelligent, concise reports; ability to make a compelling presentation in front of groups; ability to organize one?s work, monitor progress, and act without being told by someone in authority; volunteers when something needs to be done and no one currently is doing it.

3. Solving problems, analyzing issues, and making decisions

Ability to define a problem, analyze it, and come up with solid recommendations for resolving it.

4. Innovation

Ability to have a fresh outlook in approaching a problem; shakes loose of old methods and processes and sees new possibilities.

5. Practicing self-development

Continuously looking for ways to improve on strengths, gain additional strengths, and fix weaknesses.

6. Stress management

Handling personal and professional crises or stressful situations

Focus on ResultsAbility to have an impact on an organization; capable of getting things accomplished; produce sustained, balanced results.

7. Drive results

Establishes key result areas for the organization; communicates the performance indicators that measure organizational results; leads or champions efforts that increase productivity; and goal accomplishment throughout the organization.

8. Establish stretch goals

Inspires people to higher and higher levels of performance.

9. Take responsibility for outcomes/initiative

Does not blame other or find excuses.

Interpersonal Skills:
This cluster includes more differentiating competencies than any of the other clusters, and the competencies are the most frequently correlated with all of the other competencies; it includes all we know about people skills; and the communication process by which a leader has a positive impact on others.

10. Communicating powerfully and prolifically

11. Inspiring and motivating others to high performance

12. Building relationships

13. Developing others

14. Collaborations and teamwork

15. Positive attitude

Descriptions of competencies 10 through 15:

Inspiring others to high performance

Building positive relationships with others

Developing the skills and talents of others

Working in a collaborative manner with others

Being an effective team member

Recognizing and rewarding the contributions of others

Being open and receptive to new ideas

Responding positively to feedback

Effectively resolving conflicts with their own department and with groups outside their department

Influencing people upward in the organization, in addition to peers and subordinates

Building the self-esteem of others, giving positive indications of their ability to succeed

Teaching others in a helpful manner

Keeping a positive outlook

Leading Organizational Change:
Ability to produce change in an organization and inspire others to accept and deliver on the change; pursue a new path or rise to a significantly higher level of performance.

16. Developing strategic perspective

17. Championing change

18. Connect internal groups with the outside world

Descriptions of competencies 16 through 18:

Energizes others to want to change by pointing out the need to change

Encourages people to let go of old ways so the new ways can begin

Helps others overcome their resistance to change

Clarifies how changes will affect jobs, work groups, and/or the organization

Sets and articulates a compelling vision for the organization

Continually communicates the highest priority strategic initiatives to keep the leadership team focused on the right things

Ensures that all systems in the organization are aligned toward achieving the overall strategic goals

Ensures that the organization has people, skills, and resources to meet the strategic challenge

Source: 2003 VisionPoint Productions, Inc.

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