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LCC Board of Trustees adopts resolution addressing racial injustice

By Marilyn Twine

LANSING, Mich. - Lansing Community College Board of Trustees adopted a Resolution Addressing Racial Injustice through Equity and Inclusion during its June 15 meeting.

The resolution passed in a 7-0 vote and was spearheaded by Trustees Ryan Buck and Angela Mathews. With a commitment to spur change that addresses racial disparities underscored by the killing of George Floyd while in police custody the resolution states that LCC "strongly rejects and condemns all forms of discrimination and inequities, and stands firm against all who would use violence and ethnic intimidation, whether in law enforcement or otherwise." The Board of Trustees has charged the college president with ensuring equity in law enforcement procedures, policies, and behaviors, and to ensure diversity, equity, and inclusion training is embedded in all student and employee orientation processes.

"We want to move beyond statements and take any necessary action to eliminate racial bias wherever it is found," said Trustee Angela Mathews. "With the recent events across our nation over the last several weeks, we cannot return to business as usual. Diversity and inclusion at LCC are at the forefront but I want a review to ensure we are upholding the highest standards set forth by the college."

"It is unfortunate that a resolution is even necessary in 2020," said Trustee Ryan Buck. "Racial disparities and discrimination have not gone away as many would like to believe," Buck continued. "I want to make certain that LCC is inclusive in every area and that the college is not just having dialogue but taking action."

Additionally, the resolution directs the LCC president to create and implement a college-wide Equity Action Plan to "address racial injustice, diversify faculty and enhance workplace policies, and establish processes that prevent behaviors that impede on racial and social equities." The college is also charged with the responsibility to close achievement gaps and improve retention and completion rates. A report about the plan and next steps should be submitted to the Board within six months.

"Our Office of Diversity and Inclusion does a great job and we are not questioning that," said Mathews. "People sometimes have customs, beliefs, and practices that they are not aware of but they lead to inequity. I just want to make sure LCC is using every instrument at its disposal to eliminate any implicit biases."

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The following individuals have been designated to handle inquiries regarding the nondiscrimination policies: Equal Opportunity Officer, Washington Court Place, 309 N. Washington Square Lansing, MI 48933, 517-483-1730; Employee Coordinator 504/ADA, Administration Building, 610 N. Capitol Ave. Lansing, MI 48933, 517-483-1875; Student Coordinator 504/ADA, Gannon Building, 411 N. Grand Ave. Lansing, MI 48933, 517-483-1885; Human Resource Manager/Employee Title IX Coordinator, Administration Building, 610 N. Capitol Ave. Lansing, MI 48933, 517-483-1879; Student Title IX Coordinator, Gannon Building, 411 N. Grand Ave. Lansing, MI 48933, 517-483-9632.

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