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Aviation Maintenance Pays with LCC and Delta

By Andy Brent



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The field of aviation maintenance is exploding, and Lansing Community College offers one of the best training programs in the Midwest.

LCC was chosen by Delta Air Lines as one of 43 aviation maintenance partners in the country. LCC's prestigious Aviation Maintenance Technology (AMT) program was featured nationally on NBC Nightly News.

"This is a significant achievement for our students, faculty and program," said Mark Bathurst, director of LCC's aviation program. "We are pleased Delta recognized the opportunities offered to our students and anticipate a highly productive relationship with them for years to come."

"As airlines continue to take delivery of new airplanes, advances in airplane technology will drive an increased need for technicians skilled in avionics, composites, and digital troubleshooting" said the Boeing Company in an industry-wide labor prospectus. Industry leaders predict that North America alone will require more than 117,000 new air maintenance technicians beginning in 2017 as new technology and a shrinking talent pool increase hiring demand.

Aviation maintenance graduates who earn their Federal Aviation Administration licensure earn an average yearly salary in excess of $60,000. One hundred percent of LCC aviation maintenance technology students who take their FAA certification exams will pass, and many field multiple job offers before their course of study is complete.

LCC's AMT program is one of the nation's most affordable at a total two year cost of less than $27,000 for in-district students.

Students who graduate from LCC's AMT program are entering a constantly expanding industry and, because of the consummate professionalism and ability instilled by their instructors, graduates have expanded LCC's reputation as a leading educator of aviation maintenance technicians industry-wide.

One key to student's success is training in a modern facility. At Mason's Jewett Airfield, the home of LCC aviation, students work within a 60,000-square-foot hanger specialized to the needs of the AMT program. Inside, a Hawker Siddeley 125-400A corporate jet allows students to practice ground maintenance training. The jet was purchased by the LCC Foundation and is only one of several full-sized training aircraft in the facility. LCC's preeminent aviation faculty have more than 300 years of collective industry experience that guides LCC AMT students to earn three FAA-approved certificates which qualify them for the rigors and pace of the accelerated aviation workplace.

LCC AMT training programs enroll each fall. Interested candidates should contact Aviation Program Coordinator Mindy Ray at

"LCC's facility is a valuable asset to the Capital Region Airport Authority" said Wayne G. Sieloff, AIA, AAE, president and CEO of the Capital Region Airport Authority. "The program exemplifies excellence and fulfills a vital role for the future of the air travel industry. LCC's technician graduates enter a constantly growing industry that offers secure and well-paying careers."

This sleek facility met more than 100 stringent criteria Delta used to measure AMT programs' strength, quality of instruction and the readiness of technicians upon graduation. After Delta's inspection of LCC's operation, it became clear a partnership with the college would be of immediate benefit to all parties concerned.

In addition to meeting a national need for aviation maintenance technicians, LCC's AMT program and its partnership with Delta Air Lines will immediately fill open positions in Michigan, increasing regional flight safety and stimulating Michigan's overall economy in the process. Delta Air Lines maintains industry leading safety standards and needs talented maintenance technicians to keep those high standards. The education provided to graduates of LCC meets, and exceeds, this standard of service.

"Over the coming years, we've identified a severe shortage of skilled technical workers, aircraft maintenance technicians, due to retirements or career moves" said John Mazza, Delta's Detroit Manager of Technical Operations. "We need to turn around and foster the relationship with LCC because we want to bring in the best of the best. And that is why we came here to Lansing and met with the faculty and reviewed the facilities. We have stringent requirements. LCC needs to be very proud of what they've accomplished with the facility and with these incredibly qualified graduates, because just getting on our list of potential partners is extremely impressive."

Speaking directly to LCC AMT graduates, Mazza said, "you are the ones who keep our aircraft safe, you keep people flying and make our business successful. At the end of the day, we are a business and without you helping us, that doesn't happen."

The Delta-LCC partnership is an example of how an industry marketplace joins with local educational excellence to facilitate sustainable, streamlined career opportunities. The partnership connects LCC aviation students with industry leaders before graduation.

"In aviation maintenance you can work anywhere in the country" Knight said. "If you want to go to Denver or San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, you can go. There is quite a lot of demand for aviation maintenance technicians, and it's growing."

Lansing Community College on NBC News

- Featuring Mark Bathhurst, director of LCC's aviation program

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