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LCC Sponsors Model T Jamboree

August 18, 2017

LANSING, MICH. - "Model T's are just neat," said Steve Hubert of Williamston. "I drove my first Model T when I was 10 years old, and I owned the car!"

Lansing Community College sponsored a Model T Jamboree on Friday, August 18, from 8:00-5:00pm. Between 100 and 150 Model T’s lined LCC’s Lot W, and could also be seen touring the city. Cars and Model T owners came from Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, and as far away as Florida. Some drove the roads to arrive at Lansing, and many were tailored.

"Top speed is 35mph," Dale Nuoffer of Haslett explained. The brakes aren't as dependable; basically the cars have transmission brakes that simply lock the tires." A crank located above the front bumper starts the car, with a good muscle twist. No speedometers were on the first cars built in the 1913's because the Ford strategy was to cut costs by cutting frills. Only after 1919 were speedometers placed in cars, and then only for an addition cost, and available only in closed cars. Anyone could purchase a 1924 Roadster Model T for $240 in 1924, which enabled the mainstream public to be able to afford to buy cars. Mass production at Ford plants created an efficient way to produce over 100 cars a day at the Highland Park plant in 1914.

A hospitality room at the Radisson Hotel was sponsored by LCC for car owners participating in the Jamboree.

Model T
Pictured: A 1919 Canopy Express owned by Don and Barb Schmitt of Wheaton, IL.

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