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LCC Continues to Offer Training for Hot Jobs in Health Information Technology

LANSING –  This fall, Lansing Community College’s (LCC) Business & Community Institute (BCI) will continue to offer training for healthcare and IT professionals in health information technology (HIT).

The training prepares students for one of four roles in HIT:  clinician/practitioner consultant, implementation manager, implementation support specialist, and trainer.

Classes for prospective trainers begin September 20 and registration is open until September 6. Those who complete the training will receive a certificate and a voucher to take the national HIT Pro competency exam ( ). Trainers design and deliver training programs in health information technology to employees in clinical and public health settings.

Implementation support specialist and clinician/practitioner training is also being offered by BCI this fall. There will be other classes rolling out in the near future.

To date, BCI has trained 17 people to become implementation managers. It is currently running two additional implementation manager classes and one implementation support specialist class with a total student count of 38.

The U.S. Department of Labor estimates that 50,000 new jobs will be created over the next five years in health information technology.  The national average for annual pay in the field (for all HIT roles) is estimated to be between $50,000 and $120,000 for jobs with large healthcare systems, Electronic Health Records (EHR) software vendors, consulting firms, IT or healthcare staffing agencies, Health Information Exchanges, and insurance companies.

Using a comprehensive curriculum provided by the Office of National Coordinator of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, LCC has joined 16 other community colleges within the Midwest and 84 community colleges nationwide in offering training programs leading to health information technology certification.

Scholarships are available through spring 2012 for those interested in taking HIT training through LCC/BCI.  The scholarship award is $1,321, which covers about 90% of the cost of training. There is an out of pocket cost of between $100 and $470 depending upon the class.

“I recently graduated from the HIT implementation manager course and highly recommend it, “said Penny Englerth, physician outreach specialist for the Great Lakes Health Information Exchange in Okemos. “My goal is taking the course was to gain competencies in my current job, and I’ve already used some of the techniques I learned.”

For more information, go to or call BCI at 517-483-1857.

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