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DVD's on Pain Management in the Mental Health & Aging Project Library

These resources may be borrowed by professionals working with older adults in the CMH system, aging network, residential settings, and other service settings across the state of Michigan. The books and DVD's can be used for training others or for self-education. Materials are sent via UPS. If you would like to borrow these or any of our resources, contact Matt Beha at or 517/483-1529.

Title - Chronic Pain in Geriatrics: Assessment
Brief description: This program instructs both lay and professional caregivers on assessment techniques for chronic pain, specific issues related to chronic pain in older adults, and techniques for assessment of cognitively impaired individuals who are experiencing chronic pain. The presentation uses a lecture format with brief client-caregiver interviews that are focused the development of an individualized care plan to improve the person's quality of life.
Length - 25 minutes
Year - 2008
Producer - Geriatric Video Productions
Target/Appropriate Audience - Professional and lay caregivers
Manual/Handouts - No

Title - Chronic Pain in Geriatrics: Management
Brief Description: This program addresses the development of a pain management program for older adults in any care setting. Opiate use is discussed with emphasis on the concerns of staff, patients and family regarding addiction, tolerance, and respiratory depression. Specific non-drug therapies that minimize medication use are presented.
Length - 25 Minutes
Year - 2008
Producer - Geriatric Video Productions
Target/Appropriate Audience - Professional and lay caregivers
Manual/Handouts - No

Title - Detecting Discomfort in Dementia: Focus on Behaviors...What Nursing Assistants Need to Know About Pain
Brief Description: This program helps nursing assistants identify behaviors that suggest that a resident with cognitive impairment may be in pain or discomfort. It suggests ways nursing assistants can help identify and contribute to the care of persons in pain. This video is an excellent educational tool which acknowledges and affirms the key role of nursing assistants.
Length - 13 minutes
Year - 2006
Producers - The Resource Center of the Alliance of State Pain Initiatives University of Wisconsin
Target/Appropriate Audience - Nursing Assistants and other professionals working with cognitively impaired residents.
Manual/Handouts - Discussion guide, role play and post test

Title - Pain Assessment in Older Adults
Brief Description: An interdisciplinary team discusses the best way to assess residents for pain. Four assessment tools are used and discussed; the Faces Pain Scale, the Verbal Descriptor Scale, the Numeric Rating Scale and the Pain Assessment in Advanced Dementia Scale. The use of medications for pain and nonpharmacological interventions are discussed. The program explores patient and staff attitudes about pain and how these attitudes may impact the care received.
Length - 64 minutes
Year - 2009
Producer - Terra Nova Films
Target/Appropriate audience - caregiver staff, especially nurses.
Manual/Handouts - No

Title - Pain: The Resident's Perspective
Brief Description: Individual nursing home residents describe their experience of pain and how it impacts their life every day. Residents discuss how pain alters their behavior and share their attitudes about pain and pain treatment.
Length - 17 minutes
Year - 2002
Producer - Terra Nova Films
Target/ Appropriate audience - caregiver staff and nurses.
Manual/Handouts - No

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