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Audio Facilities

Audio Studio/Control Room

Intermediate Lab

Digital Lab

Radio Lab

Audio Studio/Control Room

The studio room uses a combination of reflective, diffusive, and absorptive surfaces to provide a wide range of room sounds within a relatively small space. The control room houses a large format 32/24/32 inline monitor Otari Concept One console, and a variety of outboard sound equipment.

Beginning Labs

This is the starting point for a student in the Media Technology curriculum. Students work with a variety of analog and digital hardware and software to give them a broad base of skills upon which to build.

Intermediate Labs

After successful completion of the introductory courses, the student moves on to more complex editing and mixing tasks.

Digital Labs

The advanced student's domain. An edit suite with a fully functional Pro Tools software.

Radio Labs

The domain of those students who take courses in Radio Production. Each of these labs operates as a fully functional radio studio.

Media Services at Lansing Community College

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