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Online/Hybrid Courses

This option combines the advantages of a lecture class with the flexibility of an online class.  Students attend a once a week lecture (twice during the summer semester) along with completing on-line assignments, activities and/or discussions.  This method is designed for the student who is self-motivated.

"I really enjoyed this hybrid Lecture/Internet class. This type of class has a very convenient set-up. Students are allotted a large amount of time to do the homework and then the following class there is a teacher there to explain the old and new problems. The face-to-face interaction still exists, but with the convenience of an online class. There was also the opportunity to have questions answered whenever it was needed through the discussion board. However, the teacher absolutely needs to be attentive in order for this system to work.”   

Bethany (student)

Math and Computer Science Department at LCC

Mathematics and Computer Science Department
Arts & Sciences Building, Room 3203
Phone: (517) 483-1073
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