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Weight rooms are hidden treasures

LCC weight room

The LCC weight room in the Gannon Building is pictured. Both this one and the one at west campus are free for faculty, students and former students. Photo by Jonah Unger

Jonah Unger

By Jonah Unger
Staff Writer

LCC offers a number of different student resources, including a couple that might be overlooked.

The two weight rooms LCC has to offer can be found at the downtown campus in the Gannon Building in room 2115, and the other at the west campus in room M126. Both are free for students, staff and former students to use.

Nathaniel Hines, an LCC student, said he only sees about eight people, on average, when he goes to work out in the LCC main campus gym.

“I think they should put posters up or something,” Hines said.

Mari Croze, Health and Human Services director of operations and facilities, is in charge of overseeing the weight room and fitness centers at LCC. Croze said she plans on updating flyers for the program, along with adding information to the college’s orientation.

One reason Croze said she believes the weight room is hard to find is the changes caused by the recent construction.

“Our main entrance has been moved off to the side, and a big portion of it was dry-walled over, so we don’t have windows where people can look in and see,” Croze said.

Not only is the weight room free for students, staff and alumni, they are also getting real professional support, Croze said.

“Instructors are on duty at all times,” Croze said. “All of the instructors are degreed and nationally certified for the job.”

Those with questions can contact Croze by calling 517-483-1228 or by emailing



finish your ferris degree in lansing - ferris state university
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