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Nursing teacher loves helping students

Nursing teacher loves helping students

Chloe Gregg

Dr. Teri Logghe is an associate professor for the LCC Nursing Program. She is lead faculty for the fourth level of the nursing program, and co-teaches at the third level as well.

Logghe is relatively new to the LCC community, having started in her position in 2020, and she said she loves it.

"Honestly I love teaching, and the mission, vision and values of the college fit me perfectly," Logghe said. "I was blessed because I had already taught online, so being online during the pandemic was normal for me."

Logghe has been a registered nurse since 2003, with her area of specialty in critical care and education. She received her BSN in 2003, MSN in 2011 and DNP in 2019.

Logghe graduated from Saginaw Valley State University for her BSN and MSN, then received her DNP through American Sentinel University in Aurora, Colo.

"I grew up in a family of nurses and teachers," she said. "I loved helping people and I knew that I always wanted to teach, so I got to marry the two professions that I love and I couldn't be happier. I love watching students learn and grow and, quite frankly, I love learning from my students."

Nolan Hook, a student of Logghe's, offered her high praise.

"I would say Teri has been one of the most passionate and practical teachers I've ever had," Hook said. "She teaches like she truly wants to make sure everybody thoroughly understands the content.

"She easily comes up with alternate ways to explain something. She is overall a cheerful, friendly professor. You can tell by her attitude she loves her job. Her voice and tone keep me interested in class."

In Logghe's free time, she has multiple passions she pursues, including being a wife and a mom to four kids. She enjoy outdoor activities, and she has a passion for the organization, "Leader Dogs for the Blind."

"I'm a puppy raiser and currently me and my family are raising our seventh puppy," Logghe said. "We get to help give back to our community by raising puppies that will hopefully go on to make a difference in someone else's life.

"We get a new puppy about one time per year. We start at 8 weeks old and then the puppy leaves us for formal training at about 14 months old."



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finish your ferris degree in lansing - ferris state university
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