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Mom of two a bookkeeping major at LCC

Noor Farhan

Zena Farhan

Noor Farhan is a 35-year-old bookkeeping student at LCC who enjoys physical wellness and business.

Farhan described herself as an independent person.

"I am introverted, and I enjoy the quiet," Farhan said. "I would say I am strong, independent; all while being a part-time student and a full-time mom.

"I like to exercise and read about health and a healthy lifestyle. I also enjoy keeping up to date on world events through news sources."

Farhan spoke highly of her interest in bookkeeping and office work.

"My major is bookkeeping, but I originally took an interest in political science," she said. "I chose this major since it related to my associate degree in business, and it allows me to easily get a job.

"It is a short-term certificate and I feel like I already have the knowledge of what kind of classes I'm taking. I really enjoy quiet office work and I think this is the best major to do that."

Farhan recalled choosing LCC for its educational opportunities.

"LCC had the major I was looking for and it is a great college. It has great professors and a very inviting environment. The online classes are also convenient and affordable."

Farhan said she is looking forward to starting her career after graduating LCC.

"I would love to get a bookkeeping job after I graduate from LCC," she said. "I prefer a flexible schedule, as I have two young children."

Sara Farhan, Noor's younger sister, speaks of her sister highly.

"Noor has always been an introvert, which I think influenced her choice of major," Sara said. "I am happy she is returning to college to pursue her education."



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finish your ferris degree in lansing - ferris state university
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