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Athlete Spotlight: LCC's Cole Krause

Athlete Spotlight: LCC's Cole Krause

The Lookout Staff Writer Arianne Olayinka recently chatted with men's basketball player Cole Krause. The freshman, who graduated from Potterville High School, is majoring in social work at Lansing Community College.

Arianne Olayinka

At what age did you start playing basketball?
"I started playing in fifth grade, so 10."

Why did you choose to play basketball?
"Basketball was always in the family, so my mom had signed me up and it took off after that."

What position do you play?

How do you balance athletics, school and personal life?
"I would have to say the support system that I have. Coach is always looking out for us – making sure our school (work) is done before we do anything basketball related. He is definitely preparing us for the real world after sports. I have had a lot of role models that have taught me how to maintain all, but the most important thing, besides having a great support system, would be making sure your mental health is 100 percent."

What is your fondest memory so far in your basketball career?
"Definitely 'senior night' of high school. The gym (was) packed with friends and family and fans of the four years of playing. (That) is always a special night for a basketball player."

Who inspires you most as an athlete?
"The person who inspires me most as an athlete would have to be one of my good friends and old teammate from high school, Zach Yarger. He was a senior my freshman year and he has taught (me) so much about work ethic and pushing myself beyond everything I know. To be honest, he is the reason I am the athlete that I have turned out to be."

How do you prepare on game day?
"Remembering the basics and trusting the process of what the coaching staff has put us through that week of practice."

What are your future basketball plans?
"To play as long as I can. I couldn't picture my life without a basketball season or preparing for a basketball season. I'm hoping that I can continue to play at a four-year school after LCC."



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finish your ferris degree in lansing - ferris state university
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