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Why Use a Research Database?

Improve the Quality of Your Papers

  • Databases contain credible and reliable sources.
  • Future classes and programs require the use of scholarly sources.
  • Articles are written by experts and journalists.

Save You Time

Databases help you find the sources you need for college classes and provide:

  • topic suggestions
  • citation help
  • articles tagged by subject
  • emailing, printing, or downloading of articles

Save You Money

Many articles are not available for free on the Internet, but your username and password provide you access to articles in databases worth over $300,000.

Try the Research Databases

Use the Research Databases now!

What is a Research Database?

A research database can help you easily search and access reliable and credible information from:

  • magazine, newspapers, and journals
  • books and e-books
  • videos and podcasts
  • images, maps, and illustrations
  • radio and television transcripts
  • websites

Databases may cover a wide range of topics like General OneFile, or may be subject specific like the Nursing Reference Center.

You can search a database by keyword, subject, author, title, or publication.

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