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Link to a Research Database

Follow these directions to create a link to a library research database within your Desire2Learn course.

Step 1: Select a Database

Go to the Databases webpage. Choose a Database by Title using the alphabet OR use Databases by Subject to find the most relevant databases for your discipline.

Right-click on your chosen database title and select one of the following depending on your browser:

  • Copy shortcut in Internet Explorer
  • Copy Link Location in Firefox
  • Copy link address in Chrome

Step 2: Add the Database Link to Desire2Learn

  1. Log in to Desire2Learn.
  2. Select Content.
  3. Select the Module you want the object to appear in or create a new Module.
  4. Select New and then Create a Link
  5. Type the database name in the Title box.
  6. Delete https:// from the URL box and paste the database URL.
  7. Check box to Open as External Resource.
  8. Select Create.

Off-Campus Access to Research Databases

When students click on a database link from off-campus, they need to provide their username and password.

The off-campus access webpage provides troubleshooting tips if students have access problems.

A small number of research databases cannot be accessed off-campus or have limits on the number of people who can use the databases as the same time.

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