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Quiet Spaces and Specially Designed Places for Employees

Quiet Spaces - Main Campus

The Granger Room

A quiet reading room with lounge furniture and subdued lighting. Located on the South wall of the 3rd floor of the Library. Donated by Granger Waste Management. Features the Carolyn Kronenberg book collection.

Cesar Chavez Learning Center

Located in Gannon Building 2306e. Quiet study area featuring lounge furniture and tables.


Located in TLC room 324. Quiet study area featuring seven computers and a small meeting room. This area is available for faculty during grades week to come and "spread out" your work.

Specially Designed Places - Main Campus

If you have a migraine and need a place to recover, you may contact Public Safety at x1800 and one of their personnel will escort you to a dark and quiet place to allow you to recover. (Main campus only)

Quiet Spaces - West Campus

West-end Upper Concourse

If you're looking for a less trafficked area to spend your lunch hour, try the west-end upper concourse. This area features round tables with 4 chairs each and padded benches.

Specially Designed Places - West Campus

Migraine Recovery Area

If you have a migraine and need a place to recover, please call Public Service Careers (PSC) at x1570. Upon availability, the PSC staff will provide you with a cot and a quiet place to lie down and recover.

Human Resources
Administration Bldg, Room 103
Phone: (517) 483-1870
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