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Policies and Procedures

As with any other professional or workplace responsibility, failure to follow any Board policy which applies to any College employee may result in disciplinary action up to and including discharge where appropriate. Before any discipline is administered, the College will follow applicable established administrative procedures with respect to non-bargained for employees, and applicable provisions of any collective bargaining agreement.

In addition, any policy which addresses a term or condition of employment is not intended to supersede any express provision in any collective bargaining agreement. In the event of any unintended conflict, the express provision of the collective bargaining agreement will, as a routine matter of the College's intent and established law, control.

30-hour Work Week for Students
ADA Reasonable Accommodations
Carrying Concealed Weapons
Children on Campus Policy
Conflict of Interest with Vendors
Drug Free Workplace
Employee Personnel Files
Employment of Relatives - Nepotism Policy
Employment of Relatives - Nepotism Policy Q&A
Equal Opportunity and Nondiscrimination Policy Statement
Facilities Master Plan Policy
Facilities Use Policy
Family and Medical Leaves of Absence
Freedom of Information Act Fees
Harassment Prevention
Health, Safety, and Safe Work Environment
Intellectual Property
Just Cause Policy
Organ Donor
Retiree Benefits Policy
Sick Leave Policy
Smoking Policy
Social Media Policy
Staffing Policy
Standard of Conduct in Our Workplace Policy
Travel and Business Related Expense Policy
Working From Home
Workplace Consensual Relationships Policy
Consensual Policy Q&A
Workplace Violence Policy

Academic Amnesty
Academic Progress
Academic Records
Academic Standing
Acceptable Use Policy
Acceptance and Evaluation of Transfer Credits from Other Institutions
Advertising/Underwriting Policy
Approval of New Courses and Programs
Assessment of Student Learning Outcomes
Audit Policy
Auditing Courses
Canceled Classes
Cash Contributions to Others
Credit by Examination
Credit for Previously Acquired Knowledge and Learning Experience
Credit and Non-Credit Courses
Dual Enrollment Program
Due Process
General Education Core Curriculum
Granting of Additional Associate Degrees
Home School
"I" Grade
Investment Policy
Late Enrollment
Program Effectiveness
Resident Tuition
Special Admissions
Student Tuition and Fees
Using a Course More Than Once for Credit Toward a Degree or Certificate
Utilization of LCC Resources Off-Campus
Variable Credit
"W" Grade

Human Resources
Administration Bldg, Room 103
Phone: (517) 483-1870
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