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Individual and Team Sports


Fitness and Wellness offers courses for the athletic body in all of us. With everything from fencing, to golf, to basketball classes and skill levels for beginners to advanced participants, it's a perfect time to pick up a new activity or improve your game!


Clicking on a Team and Individual Sports course below will take you directly to the search course listing page, which includes course description.

How to Register for Team and Individual Sports Courses:

  1. Click on the course link.
  2. Choose the semester during which you would like to take the class
  3. Scroll through the "Subject" options until you find Phys Fitn: Team and Indiv Sports, and highlight with curser.
  4. Click the Get Courses button.
  5. Find the course number of the class you want and click the lab, lecture or lab/lecture highlighted link to see times and days offered.
  6. To register you must login by clicking on the secured login highlighted link and following the prompts.

PFSP 100 - Aikido
PFSP 102 - Basketball: Beginning
PFSP 103 - Basketball: Advanced
PFSP 107 - Fencing: Beginning
PFSP 108 - Fencing: Intermediate
PFSP 109 - Golf: Beginning
PFSP 110 - Golf: Intermediate
PFSP 112 - Judo: Beginning
PFSP 113 - Judo: Intermediate
PFSP 114 - Karate: Beginning
PFSP 115 - Karate: Intermediate
PFSP 116 - Karate: Advanced
PFSP 122 - Tai Chi I
PFSP 123 - Tai Chi II
PFSP 124 - Tennis: Beginning
PFSP 125 - Tennis: Intermediate
PFSP 126 - Volleyball: Beginning
PFSP 127 - Competitive Volleyball
PFSP 130 - Judo: A to Z (Kata)

Tuition Discount for Senoir Citizens

A+ Summer Sports Camps:

LCC offers affordable sports camps for your young athlete for basketball, volleyball, and fitness skills training. These camps will energize your child all summer! More information is available on the Extension and Community Education website,

Fitness and Wellness Program at Lansing Community College

Fitness and Wellness Program
Health and Human Services Bldg, Room 108
Phone: (517) 483-1410
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