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Exercise for Learning

Exercise and Academic Success

Exercise for Learning Readiness Brain and Activity Breaks

Try these brain and activity breaks during class to get yourself energized and  engaged. Research shows that when you move before learning or during learning, you can be more successful. 

Brain Breaks:  Each of the four breaks leads you through a quick 1 - 2 minute activity that engages both sides of the brain.  These activities are designed to improve your attention and increase your ability to focus, which are important components of learning!

Activity Breaks: Each of the four breaks leads you through ten minutes of physical activity designed to stimulate the learning centers of the brain. Once these centers are activated, you will have more energy and be able to focus your attention on your studies.

We suggest participating in Brain and Activity breaks:

  • Half way through a long lecture class or at the beginning of a shorter class
  • When doing home work
  • When you're studying for a test
  • When you are feeling sluggish and don't have much time to get work done
  • Anytime!

Please click here for instructions for the Brain Break Activities.

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