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Lansing Community College Student Technology Knowledge Base 

Welcome to the Lansing Community College Student Technology Knowledge Base. Here you can search by typing in your topic in the search box below. If you do not find an answer by performing a search, you can receive an answer via e-mail.  If you would like to suggest a topic or question for our Knowledge Base you may do using this the Knowledge base suggestion form

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  • Banner
    • How do I Register for Classes?
    • How can I view my financial aid information?
    • How do I find my grades?
    • How do I get a Financial Aid tab?
    • How do I login?
    • How do I look up my unofficial transcript?
    • How do I view my schedule?
    • Setting up the payment plan.
  • Course Content Management (Desire2Learn)
    • What is Desire2Learn?
    • How to access online orientation in Desire2Learn
    • My class is not listed
    • What is the attachment quota?
  • Student Email
    • Alternate Ways to Access LCC Student Email
    • Forwarding LCC Student Email
    • How do I setup Outlook to access my student e-mail?
    • How to access LCC Student Email
  • Student eRefunds PLUS
    • How do I select a refund preference?
    • Can I change my current refund preference?
    • I do not have an existing bank account, what are my options?
    • Will my personal information be shared with ECSI through TouchNet Student Account Center?
    • Will I have a card issued automatically?
    • What if I do not select a refund preference?
  • Username
    • How do I Claim My Account?
    • How do I look up my Username and Banner Student ID?
    • How do I request a username change?
    • How do I reset my password?


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