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Testimonials - Mike A. Dunn

Mike Dunn  

Mike. A. Dunn
Currently working as a financial analyst for ADP Inc

When I first enrolled at Lansing Community College I had every intention of acquiring a decent grade point average and applying to Michigan State University as an architect major. I had just completed 3 years in the U.S. Army and all I wanted was to go to college and obtain a college degree. That really was my sole purpose for signing up for the armed services. My matriculation at Lansing Community College helped me ease back into studying and class attendance. As is the case in most instances in a college setting you meet people and find common interest. And you gravitate towards other students you find have your same goals and aspirations in mind. I was lucky to find some friends that were in a group at L.C.C. called the HBCU Club and program.

This program was geared towards preparing students from L.C.C. to one of the many fine historically black institutions across the country. Being that I went to a predominately white school from K-12 I was fascinated to even hear that there were such institutions geared towards African-Americans. I was intrigued to say the least. It just so happened around the same time I was learning about this group that a good friend of mine from Michigan State University was taking a trip to Atlanta to visit some friends and asked if I would care to join him. My trip to Atlanta was eye opening to say the least! I loved the culture, I loved the weather, I loved how I felt a sense of belonging when I stepped foot onto the Atlanta University Campus which encompasses Morehouse, Clark Atlanta University, and Spelman College. I knew right then and there I would not stop until I was accepted and enrolled at one of these fine institutions!

I went back to L.C.C. and joined the HBCU Club. The HBCU counselor was our mentor and an extremely resourceful woman I would later find out. I had many talks with he about what I wanted to do and what type of career path I was interested in. Around this time I decided that the architecture path was not a good fit for me and I expressed my love of the sciences. How I wanted to obtain a degree in Biology and go into research. Ms. Morrow helped me with my college applications, my statement letter, and even more assistance. With her assistance and contacts I applied for and was awarded a United Negro College Fund grant. And since the counselor has personal contact and affiliation with a number of administrators at the HBCU, I was able to have one on one discussions with the Clark Atlanta University staff . It was very personable and I felt really special that I was attended to in a respectful manner . Before and after I was accepted to Clark Atlanta University everyone seemed to be working together to get me enrolled and transferred smoothly.

My 4 years at Clark Atlanta University were the most enjoyable of my young adult life! And I cherish the friends I met while I was there. I still keep in touch with those in my HBCU Club group from L.C.C. And we all agree that if it were not for L.C.C. and the HBCU Club and program our lives would be much different than they are today!

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