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Gerrodd Huggins

Gerrodd Huggins

My experience at Clark Atlanta University was very rewarding. I was blessed with the opportunity of meeting some very good people and learning some valuable lessons in life. I had a concentration in Mass Communications Broadcasting and I interned at Atlanta's #1 Radio station V-103 for 3 years. Clark Atlanta is overall a good school and I am happy I attended because by networking and taking care of business, I have been involved with many valuable experiences that I will never forget.

Clark Atlanta University, June 2006

Madison Williams

Madison Williams

I attended Lansing Community College (LCC) for a semester before transferring to Spelman College in Atlanta, GA.  Since I've been attending Spelman I have joined the Haitian Student Organization, the Political Science Society and the on campus liaison between counseling services and the campus organization by the name of P.E. Pers. With P.E.Pers I held the executive board position of Treasurer for the 2007-2008 school year and was recently elected as the 2008-2009 Vice President.  I also returned to LCC to take two (2) courses this summer so that I may transfer them back to Spelman in the fall.  Upon graduating from Spelman, I wish to work with Teachers for America for two (2) years before I attend Law School.

Spelman College 2008

Frank Conyers

After graduating from Lansing Catholic Central in 2005, I decided to attend Lansing Community College.  While there, I was a member of the Student Leadership Academy.  Throughout my matriculation in the Leadership Academy and LCC, I was able to grow and have meaningful experiences while still focusing on my grades.  I had a particular interest in the sciences.  Looking back, the science courses were well put together and a great supplement to the courses I am now taking at Morehouse College.

Throughout my time at LCC, I followed the HBCU/Morehouse Transfer guides and worked with HBCU counselor.  When it came time to transfer to Morehouse College, it was an easy transition.  I'd taken the right courses, met the right people and was prepared to go.

Today I'm a Biology and Chemistry double major at Morehouse College.  I am in the John Hopp Jr. Defense Research Program and work in a stem cell laboratory.  The HOPPS program is very involved and involves weekly activities, seminars and research.  Thankfully, HOPPS also is a full tuition scholarship.

I'm very excited to continue my research this summer at the Summer Honors Undergraduate Research Program (SHURP) at Harvard Medical School.

After completing my time at Morehouse I hope to either go on to Graduate or Medical School.  At Morehouse there is something we call the "Morehouse Mystique".  I'm sure there are many ideas on what this actually is, but to me it is a feeling of brotherhood and community.  It resonates through the students, professors, administration and everyone else involved.  It is something best experienced and is what made me choose Morehouse College.

Morehouse College

Patrick J. Thomas

I chose to transfer to Howard University in Washington, D.C. in January 2007 on recommendation from my brother, who is also an Lansing Community College (LCC) Alumni and a Howard Alumni.  Addie Morrow and Minnie Burton assisted me in my preparation for transfer from LCC.  I entered Howard University as a sophomore with one remaining semester to complete before being classified as a junior.  I am majoring in film production, with a minor in biology; two vastly different career paths.  The classes I have taken at LCC helped prepare me for the film courses that I would need to take in Howard's School of Communications.  Upon finishing my first semester at Howard, my advisor Carol Y. Dudley brought to my attention an internship in Los Angeles working with Overbrook Entertainment, which is owned by Will Smith.  I applied and was given the Internship.  I spent that summer in LA working on the film "Lakeview Terrance" starring Samuel L. Jackson and Kerry Washington.  I couldn't have asked for a better summer.  I also visited the set of Will Smith's upcoming film "Hancock", which was an amazing production set.  I still keep in contact with a lot of the production staff as friends and future networking possibilities. 

My junior year is now completed and I have finished two film projects at Howard.  I am preparing for my final year as an undergrad.  This summer I am working for Howard University where I am also getting internship credit shooting and editing lectures for the teachers at the university.  Since transferring to Howard I have decided to continue my education and apply for grad school at Howard and other schools.  I am glad that I chose to start my education at LCC to give me a sturdy foundation as I used it to transfer to a four year university. 

Howard University

Mike DunnMike. A. Dunn
Currently working as a financial analyst for ADP Inc

When I first enrolled at Lansing Community College I had every intention of acquiring a decent grade point average and applying to Michigan State University as an architect major. I had just completed 3 years in the U.S. Army and all I wanted was to go to college and obtain a college degree. That really was my sole purpose for signing up for the armed services. My matriculation at Lansing Community College helped me ease back into studying and class attendance. As is the case in most instances in a college setting you meet people and find common interest. And you gravitate towards other students you find have your same goals and aspirations in mind. I was lucky to find some friends that were in a group at L.C.C. called the HBCU Club and program.  (continued)
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Clark Atlanta University

Shantoria VanceShantoria Vance

I have attached a photo of me in a kimono while I was in Japan. I count it a blessing and a privilege to have begun my academic career at Lansing Community College. LCC served as a wonderful stepping stone to higher grounds. Since my transfer to Spelman College in Atlanta, GA, I have been blessed with the opportunity to travel abroad and explore Japanese society and culture. I have discovered that I can shape my own destiny, write my own vision, and live my own dreams if I truly believe. To Miss Morrow and all supporters of the Atlanta University Center Transfer Program: Thank you for believing in me when I couldn't believe in myself.

Spelman College, June 2007

Javitta MaloneJavitta Malone

I enrolled at Spelman College in the spring of 1999 after attending Lansing Community College and transferring to Clark Atlanta University for a semester. My life long passion has been to help children excel in educational endeavors and gain educational success. I am a 2006 graduate of Spelman College with my bachelor's degree in Child Development. Through all of my experiences I have gained insight into becoming a culturally insightful educator while reinforcing my passion for helping children succeed through innovative child development programming. I am currently the founder and CEO of Realistic Learning Zone, LLC ( which provides arts and crafts workshops, tutoring and mentoring. I strive to help children reach and exceed their educational goals by developing a life application educational program for grades K-12. Being able to help students be confident in their abilities and excel is the most rewarding experience for me.

Spelman College, June 2006

Elkhair BallaElkhair Balla

I would definitely recommend Morehouse unequivocally to any young man looking at the college... Seeing the diversity amongst other intelligent black men at Morehouse College was truly a unique experience. At Morehouse I was challenged academically, and taught other intangibles skills such as leadership and team work. The Morehouse network stretches far beyond the campus with brothers willing to help at the professional and graduate school level. The opportunities that the college opens up are plentiful. I would not be in NYC today without the help and guidance of the college and its career placement office.

I graduated from Morehouse in 2001 with a Degree in Finance. I worked at Morgan Stanley in Investment Banking initially out of college, and I currently work as a Financial Planner for Azoogle Ads an Internet start-up focusing on online advertising.

LCC's HBCU Transfer program was the ideal medium for me to achieve my goal of attending Morehouse. Through the HBCU transfer program I was able to select the coarse work taken by Morehouse freshman at LCC and helped me transition smoothly into my major upon reaching Atlanta. I was able to graduate on time with my incoming class as 100% of my classes transferred. The core courses I took at LCC helped prepare me for the academic rigor at Morehouse and also propelled me to achieving Honor Roll, and Dean's List status at the college.

Morehouse College, 2001

Terrelle Hunt Terrelle Hunt

I went to Lansing Community College in 1998-2000 as a student athlete and mother. I transferred to to Morris Brown majoring in Sociology. Morris Brown being the best experience in college because of the one on one relationship with my professors and the way the really pushed me to strive in spite of my struggles. After college I am now working with special education, in a behavior based program, and also coaching basketball and water aerobics. This summer I will be starting my own mentor program working with troubled youth.

Morris Brown College

Selena Cox

The smaller class settings, the one on one instruction with the professors, and caring atmosphere at Lansing Community College provided an excellent foundation for my future academic goals. I loved Spelman College; because we still had small classes and faculty that were concerned about us, not just academically; but emotionally-the total well being. Spelman gave me the confidence to know I was not alone.

Some educational speakers say "look to the left of you and the right of you and know that one of you will not make it;" the president of Spelman College, Dr. Johnnetta Cole said, "Look to the right of you and the left of you and tell your sister she is coming with you." The essence of that experience prepared me for acceptance in to Wayne State Medical School and to value giving back to the community. Today I practice family medicine in a federally funded health center for underserved communities in Kalamazoo, Michigan

Spelman College, 1994

Takesha LeavellTakesha Leavell

My first perceptions of Lansing Community College when still in high school, for better lack of words, was a "Last chance College." I thought Lansing Community College was a school that people attended because they had no other choices. So, when I came to the realization that I would be attending the Last Chance School, I felt unaccomplished. When my parents picked up on my discontent of my future, they took me to speak with a well known counselor at Lansing Community College, Addie Morrow. Ms. Morrow helped me to organize my goals for the future, and also helped me to find venues in which to achieve these reinstated goals.

The most prominent venue was through the Atlanta University Complex Transfer Organization. This organization allowed for me to view future self after community college. Through this organization I have been able to explore many different Historically Black Colleges and Universities nationally, participate in fundraisers and different activities on the college campus, and be able to develop a group of people who I could count on. Through the Atlanta University Center at Lansing Community College I was able to attend the Bridges to Baccalaureate Summer Institute at Spelman College during the summer of 2006, and through that exploration have transferred to the school.

I am dual degree major in Bimolecular Engineering and Chemistry, and will finish my Engineering degree at Georgia Tech Institute of Technology. Also, I have been selected for a summer internship in Material Research and Science at Northwestern University in Evanston Illinois. I have been extremely successful at Spelman College, and I think it is due to the growth that I experienced at Lansing Community College, through the Atlanta University Complex Transfer Organization and Program. I am grateful for attending Lansing Community College, and would not trade that experience for the world!

Spelman College

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