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Bridges Program Testimonials

Gillian Sumner

Upon graduating Everett High School in 2003, I was given the opportunity to participate in the LCC/Spelman Pre-baccalaureate summer program. It was here that I was given firsthand experience on writing research papers and an introduction into the urban research field. I visited Yerkes research institute in Atlanta, Georgia where they did vision misalignment research on various species of monkeys and I given the opportunity to speak with a scientist who was working on the development on the AIDS vaccine. During the summer of 2004, I was again granted the opportunity to visit Spelman where I created a research prospectus on the endangered manatees species in Florida. While at Spelman, I also attended the international AIDS conference which included speakers from around the globe. Each speaker had a unique experience in relation to how AIDS and HIV had affected their community politically and socially. I saw presentations on AIDS in South Africa, the American prison system, Islamic communities, the Caribbean and various other sectors of the world. My experience at Spelman College opened my mind to the growing demands in the world and the lack of efficient research, and health care, especially among the poor and ethnically-deprived communities around the world.

Since my experience at Spelman I have gone on to attend Michigan State University to pursue a bachelors degree in medical Technology, while following the pre-medical curriculum. I am currently applying to various medical schools to pursue a career where I can help others in a way that is passionate to me. I credit my experience at Spelman College for igniting my desire to reach out into the world communities instead of only wanting to practice medicine in the United States. By becoming a doctor I will be able to heal as well as educated the young and old alike on better health practices, in hope of giving future generations a fighting chance against greater health disparities in the poor communities. I would like to focus my practice in impoverished countries within the West Indies, Caribbean, and Africa that lack good health care and education.

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Ikram Adawe

On May of 2004, I had a chance to go to Spelman collage through Lansing Community Collage (LCC). Before my time at Spelman, I new that I wanted to become a Social Worker, but I was not sure if I can do it. I was offered to go to Spelman college for the Summer Baccalaureate Program through Ms. Morrow. At the beginning I was not sure if I wanted to leave my family and go to Atlanta for six weeks. Eventually, I decided to go and see.

I consider my experience at Spelman Collage one of the best things that happened to me in my entire life. Just being in a historically black college was fascinating. Another thing that I was amazed by was meeting very young black women with very high education. Being a black woman my self, I was so encourage becoming like those young women with PhD's.

I came back from my six week trip as a new person, a person who has no time to waste, a person with a goal and emption. I finished my pre-curriculum at LCC, and transferred to Michigan State University (MSU) on January of 2005. I graduated from MSU with a Bachelor degree in Social Work, and as of August of 2007, I will pursue my education to obtain a Masters degree in Social Work (MSW).

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