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Take a Stand! Sit In! is a two-day forum featuring community artists, civic leaders and LCC faculty and staff who Take a Stand on social justice issues while attendees Sit In on the discussions and workshops. Sessions have included director-hosted film showings, spoken word poetry, Moth-styled storytelling, personal literacy through zine-making and theatre, presentations addressing mental health concerns, confronting implicit biases as fat liberation, redlining, discussions with faith leaders about empathy and equity, and more.

Take a Stand! Sit In! began Fall 2020 and is now produced both Fall and Spring semesters. Open to everyone at no charge, sessions are recorded and archived for continued access. Our goal is to expand access throughout the community, prompting greater awareness of and participation in  local concerns of equity and justice, all while expanding our students’ learning opportunities. 

Star Day of Giving funds will provide support for community artists and civic leaders with small honorariums for presenting at Take a Stand.

Encourage student engagement in the community

Honor Roll

  • Sally Welch $50.00
  • Melissa Kaplan $50.00
  • Pamela Smith $50.00
  • Andrea Hoagland $50.00
  • Anne Heutsche $100.00




Amount Raised

Provide support for community artists and civic leaders for presenting at Take a Stand!


Give back and make a difference