Lansing Community College

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College libraries can be tricky for students. They look and operate differently than public and school libraries. You can make a difference in the educational journey of students by supporting the purchase of kiosks for the recently renovated library space.

Students can use the kiosks to find books and access the library’s 160+ scholarly databases. Students will also be able to make study room reservations and book appointments with librarians and tutors to get the help they need to be successful.

Your gift will purchase the kiosks and the software to run the kiosks.

Help students find the information they need

Honor Roll

  • Steve and Joy Szilagyi $100.00
  • Sally Welch $50.00
  • John Szilagyi $100.00
  • Linnea Knapp $40.00




Amount Raised

Support the Library with kiosks to help students navigate the newly renovated space and find the resources they need for class.