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You can make a difference in the career of a future Star! Over 70% of employers check social media profiles of job candidates to learn more about them. Nearly half of employers will not call a candidate for an interview if they do not have any social media presence.

Career & Employment Services is working to bring a national expert on LinkedIn and professional social media to campus to conduct a workshop for LCC students and alumni. They will help participants create a strong LinkedIn profile and teach how to use LinkedIn for networking, job searching, and career management.

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Honor Roll

  • Tony Willis $100.00
  • Anonymous $10.00
  • Eva Menefee $50.00
  • Lisa Pearce $50.00
  • Bruce Boardman $50.00
  • Sandra Leong $10.00
  • Winifred Wilson $10.00




Amount Raised

Bring a national expert to campus for a career focused workshop for students.


Give back and make a difference