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You can support students in MATH 106, a class for students who have been away from school and those who have had struggles with math. Tutors at LCC have observed that many students attempt to take the class without the required TI-84 calculator, which costs over $100. The lack of a calculator denies the student a powerful tool and prevents their success in math at LCC.

Your gift will allow the Learning Commons to purchase a supply of calculators reserved for students in MATH 106 that students could check out for an entire semester.

Multiply the number of graphing calculators on campus

Honor Roll

  • Matt Fall $50.00
  • TeAnna Taphouse $50.00
  • John Cally $100.00
  • Anonymous $100.00
  • Cathy Zell $50.00
  • Bryan Barrett $100.00
  • Andrea Hoagland $100.00




Amount Raised

Math can be tough, and calculators are expensive. You can add to the number of graphing calculators for LCC students.


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