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The Lansing Community College Foundation was informed by Blackbaud, one of the world's largest providers of education, administration, fundraising, and financial management software for non-profits, that they have experienced a data security incident that may have involved your personal or organization’s information. The Foundation was just one of many nonprofits affected by this attack. Though Blackbaud, law enforcement officials, and third-party security experts believe that no information went beyond the cybercriminal, Lansing Community College’s and the Foundation’s commitment to transparency and ethics leads us to inform you of the event.

What Happened

On July 16, we were contacted by Blackbaud, a large service provider of customer relationship management systems for institutions of higher education and nonprofit organizations, informing us of a data security incident. Blackbaud shared that it was a victim of a ransomware attack in May 2020. The attack may have allowed a cybercriminal to access LCC Foundation information. While no LCC-owned technology, networks or systems were impacted by this incident, we immediately began our own investigation so that we may be transparent about the incident’s impact to you.

What Information Was Involved

Our vendor assures us that sensitive information, such as Social Security numbers, passwords, credit card or bank information, was never provided to the vendor and was not compromised. However, we know any information security incident causes concern and we want you to know we are taking action. Blackbaud’s data incident impacts LCC Foundation donors. The information that may have been exposed includes:

  • Public information such as names, titles, dates of birth and spouse names
  • Address and contact information such as phone numbers and email addresses
  • Philanthropic interests, giving capacity, and summary giving history to the LCC Foundation
  • Educational attainment.

Based on this information the College does not believe the aforementioned data could be used or monetized by the criminals. There is, however, a small potential that they could construct phishing email campaigns directed at donors to the College asking them to click on LCC-impersonated links or attachments. The College also does not believe there is any risk of financial, reputational, or other harm to you.

What Will Change

We are working with Blackbaud to understand how Blackbaud will undertake to improve its security to prevent future similar breaches. LCC’s Information Security team will continue to communicate with Blackbaud to monitor the situation, evaluate applicable risks, and determine if further action is needed. Please periodically check our website at for any updates on the situation. For a more detailed description and information on this security incident, you may visit and Blackbaud’s response.

Moving Forward

Out of an abundance of caution, we are notifying of you of this incident, and we recommend that you take the following precautionary measures:

  • Remain vigilant for incidents of fraud and identity theft;
  • Be aware of the possibility of phishing emails requesting information or money, including those that impersonate LCC or the LCC Foundation;
  • Create effective passwords, and change passwords regularly;
  • Use two-factor password authentication on devices and accounts whenever possible;
  • Delete files and data when you are done using them; and
  • Obtain a free credit report at least annually. You may obtain a free copy of your credit report from each of the three major credit reporting agencies once every 12 months by visiting, or by calling toll-free 877-322-8228.

You may also contact J.R. Beauboeuf, LCC’s Director of Risk Management and Legal Services, at 517-483-1730 or at should you need assistance in this matter.

We regret any inconvenience that this incident may have caused. Please be assured that we care about your privacy and are always grateful for your continued support of our College, its students and our community. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Cathy Zell
Executive Director
Lansing Community College Foundation

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