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Lansing Community College Hosts Entrepreneurial Curriculum Training for Teachers

September 15, 2011

Generation E Institute On October 25 and 26, 2011, the K-12 Relations department at Lansing Community College (LCC) will host the second of two certification workshops focusing on entrepreneurial curriculum training for teachers. Thanks to a grant from the Coleman Foundation, LCC was able to contract with the Generation E Institute to deliver the training. The first workshop was held in June of this year. Similar to the June training, participants for the October training will be selected based on responses to an application, due to LCC on October 10.

The Generation E workshop will take place between 8:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. each day in room 127 of the TLC building on LCC's main campus. "Our goal is to create a pool of talented entrepreneurial champions within our region who can share their enthusiasm and knowledge with their students as a part of their coursework," said Pamela Jodway, Vice President, Marketing, Communications & Talent at the Lansing Economic Area Partnership and who also serves on the Generation E Training committee. Other partners include Toni Glasscoe, Director, and Beverly Brown, Coordinator (K-12 Relations at LCC); Micki O'Neil, Director-Public Relations and Communications, and Stacy Adado, Communications Specialist (Ingham Intermediate School District); and Cheryl Peters, CEO of the Generation E Institute.

What makes this training unique is the level of innovative classroom ideas for integrating entrepreneurial concepts such as developing a business idea, learning about business components, and strategies for evaluating the success of a business. Participants also have entrepreneurial mentors with whom they have conversations with about different business topics each month for one year following the training. The monthly mentor conversations help to reinforce the training and give the teachers ideas for implementing components of entrepreneurship into their courses. One Generation E participant commented that, "after the certification training I will be able to teach entrepreneurship in my class and the students will actually start their own businesses." The curriculum, therefore, prepares teachers to deliver more than just a simulation; it is intended to generate real businesses by real students.

Seating is limited and participants will be notified of their selection by October 12. While the training and materials are valued at hundreds of dollars, selected participants will be required to only pay a $70 fee to Generation E upon arrival at the workshop. Questions regarding the Generation E training at LCC can be directed to Beverly Brown at (517) 483-9904.

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