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Toddlers learn best in the context of relationships within small groups. In our program, the approach focuses on the recognition that a curriculum must be based on both care and education, those being one and the same for toddlers. Promoting children's secure attachment relationships with caregivers and families through primary care-giving with a consistent adult is given the highest priority. Our curriculum centers on connections and relationships where adults respect and respond to children's cues and interests. The caregiver/teacher will get to know the children and families well so that experiences enhance and blend with home life. The small group size of 12 toddlers with three primary caregivers/teachers  and a part-time Afternoon Teacher to cover breaks and planning allows this to happen.


Toddlers are curious and competent scientists. Children examine all that they see as they attempt to make sense of their world. The caregiver/teacher interacts with toddlers and observes them to discover what their interests are and encourages further discoveries by planning activities and investigations that expand their learning.


Promoting growth in all areas of your toddler's development is incorporated into the day. Creative experiences with art materials, playing in the house area to learn about daily life, participating in music and dance, playing with toys that can be built with, exercising and developing large muscles, and listening to stories are among the many experiences your child will enjoy. Since language is developing rapidly at this age, learning to communicate and hearing language is an integral part of their day.

Supportive Environment

Toddlers are also learning self-regulation, that is, how to manage their strong impulses and emotions in ways that will help them successfully negotiate their world. Adults provide a positive supportive environment as toddlers struggle to learn these skills.

Toddlers are developing their independence and many opportunities are provided for them to do this. The caregivers/teachers work with the families to introduce, encourage and practice new skills. Learning to dress and feed themselves and use the toilet are important milestones for toddlers.

Outdoor Experiences

We value time spend outdoors and a natural play environment for toddlers. An area for toddler exploration is planned where they will enjoy much of their day.

Early Learning Children's Community at Lansing Community College

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