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Infant Care

In the Early LCC Infant classroom, relationships are of utmost importance. In our small group of eight infants, each primary caregiver has four children. The primary caregiver develops a close, caring, responsive relationship with your infant. Your primary caregivers meets your infant's routine needs for toileting, eating, and sleeping, and communicates with you on a daily basis.  Since we see the family as the most knowledgeable about their child, we work closely with you so that your infant's day meshes with home life as much as possible. A part-time Afternoon Teacher provides consistent coverage for the primary teachers' breaks and planning time throughout the week.


An infant is curious and examines all that is seen as the infant works to understand the world. Caregivers create an individualized curriculum in a safe and interesting environment to enhance the infant's natural curiosity, allowing the infant to discover, investigate and learn about the world. Engaging your infant in language play, responding to non-verbal cues and encouraging socialization with other infants and adults helps your infant learn to communicate.

Outdoor Experiences

Early LCC realizes the importance of outdoor experiences and has an area outdoors for infants to enjoy and explore nature. We go outdoors daily, weather permitting.

Early Learning Children's Community at Lansing Community College

Early Learning Children's Community
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