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Scholarship, Grant and Tuition Reimbursement Opportunities For Child Care

Families may receive tuition assistance for their child care expenses from several Federal, state or local agencies. Here is a list of agencies that provide assistance and how to apply for them:


How to Apply

Eligibility Requirements

Head Start Extended Care
(Federal program based on income)

How to Apply - Fill out Pre-Enrollment Screening Application at Early LCC or online at

Questions? E-mail

Income Requirements

Great Start Readiness Program

How to Apply - Fill out Pre-Enrollment Screening Application at Early LCC or online at

Questions? E-mail

Income Requirements

Women's Resource Center/Returning Adult Program at LCC

The grant application and requirements are online at or call them at (517) 483-1199.

Family Income Guidelines:
2 $25,000 or less
3 $27,000 or less
4 $29,000 or less
5 $31,000 or less
Each addition $2,000
See Application for further information.

The Department of Human Services to Michigan Department of Health & Human Services

Apply Now


Lansing Child Care Scholarship

A child care scholarship program is available to resident living in the corporate city limits of Lansing for children infant through school age.

Call Nancy Sherd at the Office for Young Children at 887-4692 for further information.

Download the application form

Scholarship Application

The Scholarship Awards are for full time or part time at the following rates:

Full-time: $40.00 per week
Part-time: $20.00 per week

To be eligible you must meet the following criteria:

Must live within city limits of Lansing

  1. Income, School/Job Training Schedule and Residence Changes: The parent/guardian shall inform OYC within ten (10) workings days of any income status change, school/job training schedule change or change in residence during the scholarship award period.
  2. Eligible Child Care Providers: Child care scholarship awards may be used only with State licensed or registered child day care providers (Child Care Centers, Family Day Care Home, or Group Homes) within the City Limits of Lansing who sign a contract of agreement with OYC. Provider must be in good standing with LARA - Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs, Child Care Licensing Division.
  3. Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action: Any child care provider receiving child care scholarship reimbursements must sign an affidavit certifying that they provide equal opportunity to employees and applicants, and will not discriminate because of race, color, religion, sex, or national origin.
  4. The Lansing Child Care Scholarship will be awarded between July 1st, 2017 - June 30th 2018.

Early Learning Children's Community
601 North Washington Square
Phone: (517) 483-1100
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