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LCC/CTE Learning Scholars Program


To acknowledge faculty, staff and administrators who choose to enhance their knowledge and skills in the areas of teaching, learning and instructional technology by participating in CTE offerings.

Why Participate

The Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE) offers over 100 different learning opportunities a year. Based on your participation, the Learning Scholars Program will recognize your learning endeavors by awarding different levels of scholarship. Scholarship will be recognized during Faculty Appreciation Month.

Becoming a Scholar

The LCC/CTE Learning Scholars Program is open to all faculty, staff, and administrators. Scholarship is continuous and hours accumulate from year-to-year based on participation in CTE learning opportunities. The CTE will automatically track participation hours for each person through February 28th of every academic year and award a level based on that participation.

Please note: Only participation in CTE offerings beginning Summer Semester 2009 and after will be considered towards scholarship.

View the LCC/CTE Learning Scholars 2015-2016 participants.

Accumulating Hours Towards Scholarship

Hours towards a scholarship level are accumulated by participating in any of the Center for Teaching Excellence sponsored events listed below:

CTE Workshops: 1 hour of participation = 1 hour toward scholarship

January Professional Activity Days: every 1 hour of participation = 1 hour toward scholarship (applicable to part-time faculty only)

Transforming Learning Through Teaching: A 12-Week Course for Faculty and interested Staff: Every hour of participation = 1 hour toward scholarship, up to 24 hours

LCC/CTE Teaching Online Certification Course (12-weeks): 20 hours toward scholarship

CTE Faculty Orientation: 3 hours toward scholarship

CTE Workshop Facilitation: Number of hours teaching, plus double the facilitation hours for development. Example: 2 hour workshop plus 4 hours for development = 6 hours toward scholarship

Achieving a Scholarship Level

Bronze Scholarship Level recognizes 10 hours

Silver Scholarship Level recognizes 20 hours

Gold Scholarship Level recognizes 40 hours

Platinum Scholarship Level recognizes 40 hours plus an additional 4 hours each year. This level is maintained if the 4 hours are completed by March 31st of each academic year. If not, scholarship level reverts back to the Gold level.

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