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Recorded Workshops

Browse our growing selection of recorded workshops and presentations. Those noted with a (CC) are closed captioned. Others will be updated as captions become available.

Teaching Strategies

  • Creative Ideas for Content Review (2016)
    Meg Elias, Facilitator
    As exam day approaches in content heavy courses, students appreciate the chance to test their knowledge and review the material in a low-risk setting. Learn creative ways to review content both online and in face-to-face classrooms.
  • Creating Prompt and Effective Student Feedback (2017)
    Leslie Johnson, Facilitator
    Explore the best practices for providing students with feedback (in both online and face‐to‐face environments) and methods for getting them to use the feedback you provide. (CC)
  • Active Learning in the Online Classroom (2017)
    Meg Elias, Facilitator
    See how online instructors engage their students in active learning and problem solving in the online environment.  (CC)

Accessibility and Advocacy

  • Working with Students with Disabilities (2016)
    Jessica Gordon, Facilitator
    Receive a brief history of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) as it applies to faculty and their responsibilities at LCC, and review the college's standards on access and inclusion. (CC)
  • Recognizing and Assisting Troubled Students in the Classroom (2016)
    Louise Robidoux, Facilitator
    Learn how to identify potential issues of concern in the classroom, and gain insight on referring students to the appropriate campus services for comprehensive support. (CC)
  • Accessibility for Beginners (2016)
    Meg Elias, Facilitator
    Explore the concept of Universal Design (UD) in the college classroom and learn practical methods to ensure that new content is created with UD in mind.  (CC)
  • So You Want ME to be an Advisor? (2016)
    Eva Menefee, Facilitator
    As faculty members, are we up to the challenge of helping our students navigate degree completion? This session will describe and discuss some basic advising tips from a seasoned advisor. You will leave understanding why Advising is Teaching! (CC)
  • Boots to Books: Helping Veterans Succeed in the Classroom (2017)
    Monica Del Castillo, Facilitator
    Understand the dynamics of veteran students transitioning from the battlefield to the classroom, including the impact of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Traumatic Brain Injury. (CC)
  • Making PowerPoint Accessible (2018)
    Meg Elias, Facilitator
    In this webinar, participants learn a variety of tips to make PowerPoint accessible, from alternative text to captioning videos to checking color contrast for readability.

Tech Tools

  • PowerPoint Design Principles (2015)
    Meg Elias, Facilitator
    Are you struggling to hold your students’ attention in class? Would you like more effective and engaging visuals? Learn how to find and edit copyright-free photos, and use color and balance to improve the slides used in your courses. (CC)
  • Google Tools for the Classroom (2016)
    Meg Elias, Facilitator
    Learn how to create and save resources in Google, and brainstorm ideas for how to use various Google applications in your class. (CC)
  • Using Padlet to Enhance Student Interactions (2016)
    Meg Elias, Facilitator
    Meg Elias (2016) Padlet is a web-based application that allows faculty to easily create a visual bulletin board. Learn how to use and create a Padlet, and brainstorm ideas for how to use the application in your course. (CC)
  • A Digital Portfolio of Your Own (2017)
    Jim Luke, Facilitator
    By creating a portfolio of your own, you can save time, help your students, and improve your teaching. Attend this session and learn how! (CC)
  • PowerPoint Tips and Shortcuts (2017)
    Meg Elias, Facilitator
    Learn a variety of tips to make better use of this powerful presentation software, from keyboard shortcuts to using master slides to exploring the graphics editor. (CC)

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