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Exit Tickets

An "Exit Ticket" acts much like the classroom assessment technique (CAT) "The One-Minute Paper." Like the One Minute Paper, it requires the student to reflect on the class session and provides valuable information regarding student learning. It can also serve as a place to begin the next session. Having compiled the results of the Exit Tickets, the instructor can start the next session by sharing common themes and addressing concerns or questions addressed in the Exit Ticket. The following might be the format for a typical Exit Ticket, but the instructor could modify the questions to meet her/his discipline, etc.

Before leaving today, you must first complete this Exit Ticket. It will show me how well you understand the topic and what questions you might still have.

  1. What main three things did you learn today - things that you had difficulty understanding before you came to class?
  2. Being as specific as possible, what one or two things would you like to learn more about as a result of today's session?
  3. Write one question you have about anything that came up during class.


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